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Call Meehan’s office for UMB debt relief today


Dear Colleague,

The State of Massachusetts has a $1 billion surplus and is taking one-time proposals.  Tell UMass to submit a proposal to relieve UMB of debt. 

Once you have called, please send an email to let us know that you called. You can also let us know if you got to talk to his staff or just left a message.

Call the UMass President’s Office at 617-287-7050. 

Sample script:

Hi. My name is ______; I work at UMass Boston and I'm a member of the Faculty Staff Union.  I'm calling because we’ve had three years of budget cuts at UMass Boston. President Meehan and the UMass legislative arm should work to secure debt relief for UMass Boston. We should not have to pay for construction for new buildings that are needed because of the original faulty construction of our campus.    


Marlene Kim

FSU President

Professor, Economics

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