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Bayside Follow-up - Teach-In and Petition


Dear FSU Members,

Over 130 faculty, students, staff, and community members attended the UMB Bayside Teach-In yesterday.  The Teach-In was recorded and can be found on the FSU website here or even more directly here.  The event opened with excellent statements from Student Government President and Vice President,  Janrey Javier and Jaely Pereira, followed up by very informative presentations from UMB Professors Ken Reardon and Jack Wiggin, as well as Dorchester community organizers Angelina Hua and Markeisha Moore – all of which suggest there are significant problems with Accordia’s proposed development (“Dorchester Bay City”).  The Teach-In ended with a lively discussion.

The campaign for more equitable and just development at Bayside will continue – if you want to stay informed or get involved please fill out this form.  In the meantime, check out the above video and please consider signing the petition here.  It’s easy! 

Steve Striffler

FSU President

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