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Bargaining Update


Dear Colleague,

The FSU has been meeting with the Administration at a more intense pace in an effort to complete bargaining before the end of this fiscal year (click here to see all previous bargaining updates).

State-Wide Salary and Economic Package

We continue to work in coalition with all MTA bargaining units in the University system. Several faculty/librarians have already settled their contracts with the following salary increases (which are consistent with most state employee units):

Across the Board increases

1% retroactive to July 1, 2017 plus 1% as of July 1, 2018 (provided the state hits a specified revenue target, which it appears they will);

2% July 1, 2019, and

2% as of July 1, 2020.

The FSU with other unions continues to seek state funds to compensate the bargaining unit for the traditional .5% of salary added to those state employees who are on steps.

We also continue to push for an increase in the current tuition waiver policy and do expect to succeed on this issue.

Local (FSU) Issues

Tentative agreements provide a new set of provisions that clarify NTT service (see previous update); establish a ranking and promotion system for Clinical Nursing Faculty; and create a phased retirement option for tenured faculty, NTTs and librarians.  We agreed to a process that commits the University to negotiate either a research intensive semester or its equivalent for pre-tenure faculty for schools or colleges that lack this. In addition, we were successful at bargaining a comprehensive agreement covering the offering of distance education courses which now establishes under the collective bargaining agreement the right of first refusal to teach a developed course; a development fee of $3000; and, a royalty payment of $500 should the developing faculty member opt not to teach the course. And we negotiated a $300 increase in the summer/winter course rates.

In regards to enhancements to due process that affects all unit members, we have secured language that requires progressive discipline prior to implementation of suspension or termination, removed a lower threshold of review (preponderance of evidence), and assured that all sexual harassment cases now go through the contractual disciplinary process.


The FSU is working with the other unions on campus on this issue and thus we presented a comprehensive proposal that includes a similar fee based structure based on salary rates as these other unions. This proposal also included multipark passes, and preventing the university from charging you for parking 24/7 (such as on Sundays).   

There are many details that the team has been negotiating for over a year that we will provide to you both in summary and in detailed language changes for your consideration. Please stay tuned to your email over the next several weeks!

Marlene Kim

FSU President

Professor, Economics

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