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Dear FSU Members,

On March 24th, the FSU hosted a Forum on Academic Freedom which you can watch here.  It was a powerful and educational discussion hosted by Professor Heike Schotten about how faculty become the target of extreme right-wing attacks, and what we as a union and university can do to protect our faculty.  We heard from three UMB faculty – Leila Farsakh, Andrew Leong, and Ester Shapiro -- who have been targeted for their academic work, statements in the classroom, or both.  We also heard from Isaac Kamola, a professor of Political Science who has been researching the dark money networks that fund these right-wing attacks and how universities have and/or should respond.  The FSU urges everyone to watch the Forum.    In addition, below are some useful resources on the subject.

Steve Striffler

FSU President


"Dear Administrators: To Protect Your Faculty from Right-Wing Attacks, Follow the Money"

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How Should Administrators Respond to a Campus Reform Story?