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Zoom Background - Labor Day Gift from the MTA!


Dear FSU Members,

Happy Labor Day.   Attached is a zoom background for your use -- courtesy of the MTA...with some catchy slogans about the current campaign to fund higher ed, stop the layoffs/furloughs, and keep our campuses safe.  Enjoy!

Steve Striffler

FSU President

MTA Day of Action - Protest at Statehouse


Dear FSU Members,

The Point: Summer Melt...or Fall Meltdown?


 [P]rudence suggests that our campus will be better off if we maintain our current practice of remote learning and focus all of our attention in the coming months on ensuring that we provide the highest quality and most engaging remote experience possible when classes begin for the fall semester.

- Preliminary Fall UMass Boston Planning Report

Dear Colleagues,

MTA Higher Ed Town Hall and State Funding


Dear FSU Members,

TODAY!: Aug 3rd MTA Hearing with UMass President Meehan and Commissioner Santiago


Dear FSU Members,       [August 3rd, 5-6pm contact Steve Striffler or the FSU office for registration information Register]

President Meehan and Commissioner Santiago will join at least 13 state legislators and over 500 MTA higher ed members for a hearing today.   Please join us!


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