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Updated News Publishing Instructions



During election cycles and other key times you may want to post or "add articles," specifically to the front or home page of your site.


We have included some quick links to allow you to do the following steps.


1. Log into your site and you will find the Dashboard


2. To the right, you will find there is a block of quick links  and where you can add an Article. You will look for the item that says "Add an Article"

Note : What is the difference between an Article and a Page?


An Article is used to create time-sensitive content like news from your local, press releases, announcements or quick posts.  


A basic page is used to create content that seldom or never changes, like directions to your local, or a list officers.


3. Once within the article there are two fields that are essential to enter:  Title and Body.  


You can also check one of the "Tags." Tags are keywords you can use to "categorize" news. Tags should be broad, like Training, Elections, Apprenticeship, etc. 


In the "Body" this is where you place text. If the article is a few words or a sentence like, remember to vote, with link to polling locations look-up -  you can type the words directly in the body and then use the spellchecker (3rd button from right).


4. Note : When you have an existing document or something with a lot of text, you may need to "cut and paste" or "highlight and paste" from an original document. This is usually fine so long as the document does not contain a lot of formatting, such as lay-outs, images, text appearing in columns formatted for print, etc

To Cut and Paste the Article directly from the newsletter or some other source document. Again we will go from the dashboard "Add Content" >>> "Article" or in the right box on the dashboard "Add News Article"


For documents that are already formatted for print, such as a PDF, a Word Doc with images, a newsletter featuring columns or some other lay-out,  extract the text and images independently - save to your desktop - then use the guide below.

As always please email us at with any questions and send us any attachment!


5. Use the "List events" link to input event start times and locations, maps should automatically generate. The events will show up on the home page below the right calendar block. For any time-sensitive event you may want to link to it by creating a news article that provides a link to the event.


Note : can also allow members to register for events, trainings, etc.


6. For images from particular events, these can go into a gallery, which can be members only  also you can add multiple images at once

Note : Any article, page, image gallery or other content posted to the site may be designated "members only" if it contains information not meant for the general public.  For example, this page is set to be visible to administrators only. Check the "View/Edit Permissions" to ensure that you have the correct settings before submitting. Only those with the necessary permissions will receive the link once posted.