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Tom Goodkind Resolution


Dear Colleague,

The FSU Executive Committee at its February 25, 2020 meeting voted to honor Tom Goodkind, Professional Staff Union (PSU) leader and labor activist with a resolution on his retirement from UMass Boston.

Faculty Staff Union


In Recognition of Extraordinary Service and Leadership, the Faculty Staff Union Presents this Resolution in Honor of Thomas Goodkind

Whereas, throughout his career Tom Goodkind has worked tirelessly on behalf of University of Massachusetts employees. 

Whereas, Tom Goodkind has been a strong advocate of UMass Boston Public and Urban Mission, tirelessly insisting that UMB should be a place that offers higher learning that is both world-class and affordable to all;

Whereas, there has been no better public educator on this campus when it comes to teaching the institutional history of UMass Boston, from its literal foundation to the Legacy Debt which burdens us to this day;

Whereas, Tom has modeled clarity and courage in the face of institutional power, confronting Administrators and Trustees alike, with his eloquent public speeches (and expert drumming);

Whereas, over a nearly a forty-year career, Tom Goodkind distinguished himself with deep knowledge related to collective bargaining, and the expertise and leadership developed during that career has been invaluable to the Professional Staff Union and sister unions during his tenure;

Whereas, throughout his union tenure, Tom Goodkind has earned the utmost respect from union leaders on campus, UMass system union leaders as well as within the Massachusetts Teachers Association;

Whereas, Tom Goodkind’s contributions as an intelligent, hard-working, considerate, dedicated, and generous person are unparalleled and will be greatly missed by the Professional Staff Union, Classified Staff Union, Faculty Staff Union and their staff members.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE RESOLVED by The Faculty Staff Union of the University of Massachusetts Boston that it takes great satisfaction in recognizing the significant professional achievements of Tom Goodkind, and herewith expresses its sincere gratitude for the invaluable contributions he has made to the Professional Staff Union of the University of Massachusetts Boston, and to the University of Massachusetts Boston community and extends our best wishes as he approaches a well-earned retirement;

and Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be entered permanently into the minutes of the Faculty Staff Union Executive Committee.

Signed on this twenty-fifth day of February, Two-Thousand and Twenty.

The Faculty Staff Union Executive Committee

Marlene Kim, President                     Caroline Coscia, Vice President        

Joseph Brown                                      Jeffrey Melnick

Tracy Brown                                        Joseph Ramsey         

Monique Fuguet                                 Emilio Sauri    

Jessica Holden                                     Tim Sieber

Meghan Kallman        

Tom’s retirement gathering is today (Monday), March 9th 3-5PM in the Campus Center. FSU Vice President Caroline Coscia will be presenting the resolution.  Please stop by to recognize a man devoted to UMB and have some desserts too!

The FSU Executive Committee

Marlene Kim, President                    Caroline Coscia, Vice President        

Joseph Brown                                     Jeffrey Melnick

Tracy Brown                                       Joseph Ramsey         

Monique Fuguet                                Emilio Sauri    

Jessica Holden                                    Tim Sieber

Meghan Kallman        

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