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Summer Session Class Enrollments


Dear Faculty,

In last week’s Labor Management meeting (FSU leadership, Provost's office and HR Labor Relations) we discussed summer enrollment--specifically the low enrollments for face-to-face classes.  Many face-to-face class enrollments are at ten percent of capacity. In contrast, many remote or on-line classes are full or close to being full. The deadline to reach the required twelve students for Summer One is nearing: it is May 23rd.  

We know many students need to take a summer course to graduate.  We also know many Non-Tenure Track faculty rely on teaching summer classes to make ends meet.  

The FSU asked whether, to increase enrollment, scheduled face-to-face classes can shift to remote or on-line.  The provost replied that he is going to be flexible, even at this late date, to allow for a modality change. 

If you are scheduled to teach a face-to-face class that has low enrollment and you feel shifting to remote or on-line might increase enrollment and assist students in meeting graduation requirements, please contact your chair about changing modality.  


Steve Striffler                       Caroline Coscia

Professor, Labor Studies    Senior Lecturer II, Political Science

President                               Vice President

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