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October 25 2022_Ex Com E-Vote- Approval for Spring 23 Course Releases


E-vote on Spring 2023 CLRs/Stipends. Vote passes (8 in favor).

From: Caroline Coscia <>

Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 8:07 AM

To: Jeffrey Melnick <>; Sana Haroon <>; Brian White <>; Jessica R Holden <>; Meghan E Kallman <>; Chris A Barcelos <>; Lynne B Benson <>; Linda Ai-Yun Liu <>; Monique Fuguet <>; Dana Commesso <>

Cc: Faculty Staff Union <>; Dana Commesso <>

Subject: Ex Comm e-vote on Spring 23 CLRs/Stipends

Dear Executive Committee members, 

Every semester we need to inform Anita Miller of the CLR/stipends being used for the upcoming semester.  The deadline to do this is upon us. 

To expediate our responsibility, I would like us to e-vote on the following motion: 

Move: That the FSU Executive Committee ratify the list of Spring 2023 CLR/stipends. The list is: 

Article 5.6(d) Caroline Coscia and Jeffrey Melnick receive CLRs 

Article 5.6(a) Ellen Frank, Jessica Holden, Jason Rodriquez, and Brian White all receive the $4000 stipend 

The vote is open and will remain so until we get a majority. 

Thanks for your assistance. 

Caroline L. Coscia

Faculty Staff Union (FSU) President 2022-2024

Senior Lecturer II, Political Science Department

University of Massachusetts Boston