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NTT Dismissals for Cause

The two NTT dismissal cases have been concluded (see below for info from previous update). In one case, the FSU Ex Com voted to not proceed to arbitration. The case was then withdrawn. In the other case, the settlement offer from Admin was not accepted by the grievant. That case was withdrawn as well (see below for info from previous update).

From the 5/18/22 Grievance Update:

NTT Dismissals for Cause (also see ‘Dismissal of 2 NTT’s With Continuing Appointments’ in previous GC update from 5/17/21) – The two cases proceeded through the first two levels of the formal grievance process (the FSU believed that proper procedure was not followed in the dismissal process for both cases). Admin denied the grievances at both levels by asserting that NTT dismissal language in Article 21.14 does not allow grievances to be filed for NTT dismissals after the Provost renders a final decision. The FSU vigorously opposed this assertion of the meaning of the language. The cases were then filed to level III (arbitration). A settlement offer was made in one case and a response from Admin is still pending. A settlement offer is being contemplated in the second case.