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NTT Contract Conversion Update

Dear NTT Faculty Member,

We have been engaged with the administration on several fronts in both asserting our position and in clarifying the Agreement.

1.  Grievance:  We have a grievance that addresses the issue of a unit member promotion eligibility in which we assert pre July 1, 2014 creditable service is based on a calendar year calculation.  We are waiting for the Step II decision in this case.

2.  We have been meeting with Emily McDermott and have now finally received a comprehensive list of all unit members and their respective standing under the new language inclusive of rank, continuous employment status and percentage of employment.  We have reviewed the information and have identified every situation that we believe is contrary to the Agreement. We plan to discuss this in detail with the Administration and, if not resolved in short order, file grievances over the remaining issues.

3.  Mark Preble, now in the President's office and Step II hearing officer, has requested a four hour meeting with UMB Administration and FSU/MTA to review the above mentioned information and attempt to resolve all remaining issues of concern.  We have proposed dates over the next two weeks and are optimistic this meeting will assist in resolving at least some of the issues.

4.  The collective bargaining language as finalized by the MSP/FSU/MTA has been reviewed by the Administration and we have been assured it will be forwarded to us by the end of this week. This is important given some issues may be resolved as a result of the final language agreed upon by the parties.

If there are any other actions you believe would be helpful in this process as we pursue the grievance process and simultaneously attempt resolution with the administration we would be glad to hear it. 

In addition, we will be sending members information on NTT promotional timelines sometime next week.

From the FSU

Don't forget: Retro Pay Party Friday, 10/23/15 11:30-1:30, Ryan Lounge