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NTT Contract Conversion Update


Implementation Date

The Administration has agreed to acknowledge all promotions from the previous contract until the end of Fall 2014.  All calculations for the purpose of conversion were made during the Spring 2015 semester based upon employment histories through Fall 2014.  

In addition to this, the FSU requested that adjustments be made for any faculty whose employment status changed at the beginning of Spring 2015 which would have impacted their title per the 12-14 contract (i.e. an NTT newly appointed to 75% time or an NTT at the start of their 4th consecutive semester at half-time would have been a Lecturer I as of the start of Spring 15 and therefore should be converted using the Lecturer I title) – we expect a response to this request by our next scheduled meeting.

Just Cause Rights

The Administration has acknowledged that the Agreement provides just cause rights to all unit members who acquired those rights under the previous Agreement up to and including the beginning of Spring 2015 semester. 

Typical Workload

The FSU and administration reviewed all full-time equivalent (FTE) workload assignments to faculty who moved to continuous appointments.  

1.    Those faculty whose percentage of workload has varied over the past three semesters and were given a minimal FTE assignment will receive an email from the FSU to assure that the FTE assignment is consistent with members’ understandings of their average workload.

2.    Those faculty whose FTE over the previous three semesters is higher than the FTE assignment made in this conversion have either had their current  FTE adjusted to reflect the higher average or are being contested by the FSU.  There are very few in this category at this point.

Calendar versus FTE Year for Promotions

The FSU has asserted all prior service under previous agreements must be calculated according to the language in the respective contract.  The administration has denied this interpretation and the FSU has a grievance on this issue and expects several more.  

Retroactive Benefits/Salary Floors

The FSU asserts that all unit members who are half-time or more must be given creditable time for purposes of retirement as of July 1, 2014.  We await a response from the Administration. In addition, salary floors under the new Agreement ought to have been in effect as of July 1, 2014 – the Administration is checking to assure this occurred.  

Reappointment Schedule

The Administration has been put on notice that the newly negotiated reappointment schedule must be implemented.   We expect to discuss this at our next meeting.