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NTT and Librarians Promotion Materials Due Soon


Dear Librarians and Non-Tenure Track Faculty, 

The deadline to submit promotion materials is approaching. 

The Master Academic Calendar Deadlines 

Librarians: Tuesday, January 23rd is the due date for materials to be submitted to your supervisor.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty seeking promotion to Senior Lecturer, Senior Lecturer II and Senior Lecturer III:  Friday, January 26th is the due date for materials to be submitted to your chair. 

Material submittal

Librarians: The process and materials for promotion is located in Article 20.8 of the collective bargaining agreement

Promotion to Senior Lecturer (SL) and Senior Lecturer II(SL2) 

The process and materials for promotion to Senior Lecturer or Senior Lecturer II is located in Article 21.12 of the collective bargaining agreement.

Promotion to Senior Lecturer III (SL3)    

Promotion materials are outlined in a Memorandum of Agreement.  These include a current curriculum vitae and a cover letter of not more than four (4) pages summarizing your teaching and service (and scholarship, if applicable) since your promotion to Senior Lecturer II.   

The FSU recommends you speak to your chair/immediate supervisor regarding how they wish to receive your materials.

Note: To be able to submit promotion materials later this month, you had to inform your Chair in May 2023.   To apply for promotion in January 2025, you will need to inform your chair of your intent to apply for promotion no later than May 15, 2024. (We will send reminder emails prior to this date) 


Caroline Coscia                                 

FSU President                                   

Senior Lecturer II                               

Political Science Department