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November 8, 2018

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2018

Members Present: Marlene Kim; Jeff Melnick; Steve Striffler; Monique Fuguet; John Hess; Peggy Walsh; Jessica Holden; Emilio Sauri; Tim Sieber; Joe Ramsey; Joseph Brown; Jason Rodriquez

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator; Caroline Coscia, FSU NTT Grievance Officer and FSU Parliamentarian; Heather LaPenn, MTA; Steve Ackerman, FSU Parking Bargaining Team Member

  1. Approval of the agenda: Motion to approve agenda (see below). Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously. Motion to amend agenda to include report on Chancellor’s meeting (if time permits). Motion seconded. Motion passes.
  2. Approval of the minutes: Motion to approve 10/24/18 and 10/30/18 Ex Com minutes. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.
  3. ODEI issues and FSU recommendations, committee: Discussion of ODEI, problems with handling of discrimination cases. Discussion of needing details from cases where claims were not taken seriously to be able to present to the Interim Chancellor, and need for people to bargain changes in ODEI procedures. Marlene: We will ask for volunteers for this committee in an email blast. Jeff Melnick will help collect cases/data for this committee.   Tim and Steve S will work together on the FSU discrimination/diversity issues taskforce.
  4. Bargaining update, discussion, feedback:


      Discussion of parking bargaining. The FSU Executive Committee enters executive session


      The FSU Executive Committee exits executive session. 

   5.  FSU Internal Organizing: Discussion of volunteers for this committee including the need for diversity on it.  Steve Striffler, Joe Ramsey, Peggy Walsh, Carlos Siqueira, Marlene Kim, and as advisor, Heather LaPenn (MTA) were discussed. Peggy, however, will do what she can; she may not be able to commit herself at the moment except in spirit.  Motion to approve Steve Striffler, Joe Ramsey, Peggy Walsh, Carlos Siqueira, Marlene Kim as members of the FSU internal organizing committee, with Heather LaPenn in an advisory capacity. Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously.