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November 18, 2014


Present: Ursula Tafe Marlene Kim Tina Mullins Loan Dao Amy Todd Kathy Kogan Peggy Walsh

Others Present: Caroline Coscia, FSU NTT Grievance Officer Al Leisinger, FSU NTT Grievance Officer Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator


    1. Contract funding- It was reported that there will be no supplemental appropriation for the FSU contract before Baker takes office. The Governor says contract funding already happened in summer when the UMass system was given money to cover collective bargaining costs (UMass President’s Office disagrees that funding covers such costs). The MTA is seeking to get language in the contract that would stipulate funding for new contract regardless of economic support from state (current language requires cost items of contract to be funded by state). There is a current $300 million state shortfall so prospects for additional funding for contracts is not good. Question was raised re what happens if contract is not voted on by state? Is it operative even for non-financial items?

    2. KACE: Nov 19-- 1-2:30 pm meeting of IT Advisory committee. Chancellor’s conference room. KACE is new software to track content on computers. FSU can have a rep at this meeting to discuss concerns re privacy and surveillance possibilities. Need to find a rep (Andrew Perumal in Econ and Peggy Walsh will attend part of meeting). LN will attend.

    3. Committees on: Senior Professor, sick leave, research and grants needs, NTTs and merit reviews as outlined in new contract. Members interested in serving on these committees should let us know (Kathy Kogan, Ursula Tafe will serve on NTT committee).

    4. “The Provost’s Office and the Office for Community Partnerships would like to set up a meeting with you (and anyone else that may be interested in the FSU) to discuss the electronic AFR and its relation to a database created in the Office for Community Partnerships. Are you available on Monday, November 24th at 11AM?”- Ursula, Kathy, Loan, and Tina will set up meeting. Concern expressed over how AFR is being used and what exactly role of Office for Community Partnerships does.

    5. PHENOM and campus organizers- PHENOM is looking for an MTA member to coordinate and maintain PHENOM chapter (includes $1K stipend). Anyone interested contact FSU.


1. NTT dues- Discussion of issue of negative impact of MTA dues structure on NTT and part-timers (NTT MTA members pay a higher percentage of their salary in dues on average). An amendment to change the dues structure to make it less punitive to

NTT did not pass at last year’s MTA Annual Meeting. FSU Membership Coordinator has worked on this issue with reps from Mass Community College Council (MCCC). New efforts to address this issue should start now in case an amendment is to be proposed again at this year’s MTA Annual Meeting (amendments must be submitted by January). Ursula, Peggy, and Amy are interested in working on this.

  1. Smoking policy- Discussion of policy (total ban on campus), monitoring its implementation.

  2. PHENOM donation? We will ask new PHENOM exec director to come speak to Ex Com. Concern over PHENOM’s negative attitude toward NTT expressed.

  3. Uncollectible dues for FY14- Discussion of list of unit members who did not pay dues for 13-14 and from whom the FSU is not likely to collect from (‘uncollectibles’ list). Motion made for Ex Com to vote to accept list of FY14 ‘uncollectibles’ (motion includes formation of committee to study FSU dues collection and assessment issues). Motion is seconded. Vote for Ex Com to approve list of FY14 ‘uncollectibles’ (motion includes formation of committee to study FSU dues collection and assessment issues) passes. Peggy, Amy, and Marlene will serve on committee.

  4. Grievance officers for TT- Discussion of possibility of looking for 2 TT officers (1 to replace Jeff when he goes on sabbatical; 1 PT TT officer with a stipend). MK: permission to look for 2 PT TT officers (will include stipend but unsure how much) such that both can train as possible replacements for Jeff (training would start now but stipend would be for Spring). Motion to find 2 new PT TT grievance officers is made. Motion is seconded. Motion to find 2 new PT TT grievance officers passes.

  5. NTT contract: how to minimize problems; next steps- Need to educate members, chairs, etc. on impact of new language (i.e. need for contract summary for chairs) as well as legislative funding issues that might impact raises. Lorenzo Nencioli is working on a contract impact study that could be used in this regard. There will be a meeting between Admin and the MSP/FSU bargaining sometime in the next 2 weeks to discuss terms and conditions for conversion of NTT from old language to new language. It was agreed that a caucus comprised of team members as well as other FSU NTT members should meet before the Admin-union meeting to come up with a list of possible conversion issues. There was discussion of when the new contract would be operative especially in regards to new NTT language (retroactive to Fall 14? Starting 15-16?). Larry Kaye will be invited to participate in the caucus re implementation issues (PW, AL, CC will also participate). Caucus will be on 12/2/14 or 12/4/14 at 2PM [later changed to 3:30 pm) or 11/25/14 at 2PM. LN will coordinate meeting time.

  6. Delay newsletter in fall?- Ex Com agrees delay of newsletter until January is acceptable.


1. Chairs organizing: update on who has been contacted- 4 chairs have signed cards. 8 new chairs still need to be contacted.

  1. Parking and impact bargaining- MK: still ongoing, pushing for short term lots. ‘Green’ issues (i.e. subsidized T passes) being looked into but Admin not doing much in that regard.

  2. NTT Caucus- Meeting Friday. November 21st. Contact C.Coscia if you want to add items to agenda.

  3. Grievances- Update on NTT grievance in Nursing; issue of delays at step I discussed. Issue of tenure removal case discussed.

AL: MTA President Barbara Madeloni is speaking at RCC soon; wondering if Ex Com can invite her to speak to FSU. AL: find out what date exactly and let Ex Com know so invite can be sent to her.