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Materials for FSU Annual Meeting, Thursday, April 30th, 9-11


Dear Member,

We hope you will join us at our annual meeting on Thursday, April 30 from 9-11 am.  More details on the platform we will be using will follow.  We hope to hear about your concerns and your ideas.  We are attaching the agenda (slightly revised), the budget, a narrative about the budget, and a proposed bylaw change (NOTE: contact the FSU office for copies of all relevant documents)

The reason for revising these bylaws is that the current bylaws specify a bargaining team of 4-6 members.  Currently, however, the core bargaining team effectively has 7 members and they want to add an additional 8th member to the team.  To do so and to not be in violation of the bylaws, this change is being recommended by the FSU Executive Committee.  A previous version we sent out earlier this week had a ‘version 1’ listed, but that was in error.  Please consider this (version 2) version instead. 

In addition, a policy passed a year ago specifies that with the budget, a listing of all CLRs and additional compensation be provided to all members with the budget.  We are attaching this information as well.  


Marlene Kim

Faculty Staff Union President, and

Professor, Department of Economics

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