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March 16, 2022_Ex Com E-Vote_VP election


E-vote on FSU Vice President election. Ex Comm votes to charge the Elections Committee to move forward with a special election for Vice President. (9 in favor).

From: Steve Striffler <>

Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2022 3:09 PM

To: Lynne B Benson <>; Dana Commesso <>

Cc: Caroline Coscia <>; D'Urso, Katie <>; Faculty Staff Union <>; Jeffrey Melnick <>; Jessica R Holden <>; Jose Martinez-Reyes <>; Linda Ai-Yun Liu <>; Lynne B Benson <>; Meghan E Kallman <>; Monique Fuguet <>; Sana Haroon <>; Tim Sieber <>; Travis Johnston <>

Subject: FSU Ex-Comm -- Vice President election motion -- can we move forward?


Following up on our conversation, there is some reason to move this VP conversation, and the special election for VP, along prior to our meeting on the 24th.    We need to tell the Administration how we are going to use our CLRs next Fall, and who is going to take them, by the end of the month (and this is with an extension).   If one of these is going to go to the VP, especially if it is going to be a Course Release (as opposed to a stipend), this needs to be decided sooner rather than later.   I think this will be significant/important to whoever is the next VP – regardless of who is elected.

I guess what I am asking is for the Ex-Comm to officially charge the Elections Committee to move forward as quickly as they possibly can with a special elections for a Vice President.   There really is no alternative to an election.

What say you, Ex-Comm?