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July 25, 2014- Ex Com e-vote- endorsement of PSU petition re bargaining issues


The FSU Ex Com was sent the email below from FSU President Marlene Kim on July 25, 2014. The proposal was approved unanimously by 7/28/14 (9 votes in favor).

Hi all, 

PSU and CSU (the staff unions at UMB) are asking us to endorse the petition below.  The administration is asking for give-backs such as a limit on sick leave and vacation leave accruals that they can cash out when they leave the university and increased probation time for PSU members.  We would not circulate this petition now to our members but after they return in September.  Let me know if you approve of our putting our name and logo on this to endorse it, and if you have any wording change suggestions.  Thanks!  


Dear Chancellor Motley,

We, UMass Boston staff and graduate employees, find management's contract proposals to be deeply disturbing. Management representatives have proposed cut-backs and policy changes that will take this campus back twenty-five years; for example:

•    demanding more work for less pay by increasing work hours for Graduate Assistants; weakening over-time provisions for classified staff; eliminating compensatory time for professional staff; and eliminating compensation for many staff who are required to be on-call;

•    limiting employees' access to family medical leaves and to our Sick Leave Banks;

•    eliminating the Salary Administration Program which provides for pay equity among professional staff;

•    eliminating contract language that encourages consideration of current employees for promotional opportunities; and

•    reducing vacation and sick leave benefits for new employees.

These and similar proposals show a profound disrespect for our skills and dedication to UMass Boston, as well as a surprising disregard for our families and our lives outside of work. Such proposals undermine your stated commitment as Chancellor to creating a University community based on fairness and mutual respect.


Dr. Motley, we urge you to instruct management's representatives to withdraw all such punitive proposals, and instead to engage constructively with union proposals advanced in the spirit of building a stronger institution better able to serve our students and community.


COLLECT: Signature, printed name, union

LOGOS: Put logos of all participating unions at the bottom.



Marlene Kim


Department of Economics

University of Massachusetts Boston

100 Morrissey Blvd. 

Boston, MA  02125

Voice:  617/287-6954

Fax:      617/287-6976