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FSU Blog Policy

FSU Blog Guidelines


The purpose of the FSU blog is to (1) inform the UMB community about union activities and related issues in a timely manner, (2) build rank-and-file involvement with the union and a sense that the union is its members, and (3) contribute to strengthening the labor movement through engaging stories and engaging analysis.


The communications committee works with the Faculty Staff Union and the blog editor  to guide the content of the blog, keeping in mind its purpose, making it relevant to the members, and maximizing its impact on ranks-and-file mobilization.


  • Jennifer Berkshire, Blog Editor
  • FSU members
  • Students from Labor Studies and other relevant programs
  • Other interested parties


  • FSU issues
  • General labor education (e.g. how does the grievance process work? What does the union do?)
  • Solidarity posts (union struggles and victories elsewhere and what can we learn)
  • Bargaining updates
  • News stories and our take on them
  • MTA events/issues that affect UMass faculty and librarians (i.e. the intricacies of K-12 should be minimal). 
  • Relevant events or actions on campus
  • Interviews and profiles of members
  • Q&As with union leaders, others


The communications committee will moderate all blog comments, allowing only those comments that meet a set of established guidelines (e.g. no personal attacks, no hate speech).

Cost per year:

  • $5,000 for the blog editor
  • $50 for domain name ( - educational focus)
  • $50 for ad free customized blog site