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February 8, 2017

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Members Present: Marlene Kim, John Hess, Steven Levine; Peggy Walsh, Ursula Tafe, Sofya Aptekar, Andres Henao-Castro, Tina Mullins; Ellen Frank; Askold Melcyznuk; Kathy Kogan; Linda Dumas; Karen Suyemoto

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator; 


1.FSU Elections reminder- Deadline for nominations is 2/10/17

2.FSU survey- There have been glitches but should be resolved. Take the survey. 



  1. Approval of the minutes-[DRAFT MINUTES FROM  NOVEMBER 16, 2016 EX COM DISTRIBUTED]. Motion made to approve minutes. Motion seconded. Motion to approve November 16, 2016 Ex Com minutes passes.
  2. Approval of Ellen Frank as Grievance officer- Motion made to approve Ellen Frank as a part-time NTT grievance officer with pro-rated stipend for Spring 17 semester ($1,000). Motion seconded. Motion to approve Ellen Frank as a part-time NTT grievance officer with pro-rated stipend for Spring 17 semester ($1,000) passes.
  3. FSU Academic Technology Committee representative- Tina volunteers to be on committee.


  1. All union Save UMB meetings- Discussion of the Save UMB meetings and coalition that started last spring and the history of this group. Concerns were raised that the group was announcing itself as a coalition of unions which implied that the FSU was endorsing the group and its decisions.  It was noted that John Hess and Marlene Kim who have been attending these meetings are elected FSU officers and so have a different level of responsibility regarding official FSU involvement in the group. Discussion of how to be involved with this group given that working with the other unions and students is beneficial.  It was noted that we need to clarify what our relationship to this group is and that we are getting in trouble with people who say we are endorsing some things that we do not actually agree with. It was suggested that the FSU talk with MTA field rep Mickey Gallagher re any legal obligations or risks re our involvement in this group. It was discussed whether issues at the coalition meetings can be brought to Ex Com for a vote, but that decided that most votes occur too quickly for that process to be feasible. There was discussion of whether or not the FSU should remove itself from the group unless the latter changes its name so that it does not imply that it is an official FSU-endorsed group: The Ex Com will return to this discussion.
  2. Faculty member wishes to meet with Ex Com-  A member wishes to meet with a few Ex Com members to discuss “how the FSU can have a significant impact on the current system” and would “provide evidence and solutions (a root cause analysis study).”  There was discussion of this request.  It was decided that we will ask him to send us a detailed written report of his concerns for the Ex Com to review.
  3. Non-members and agency fee members- [MARLENE DISTRIBUTES LIST OF CURRENT AGENCY FEE PAYERS AND NON-PAYERS] There was discussion of outreach efforts for agency fee payers and non-payers in order to get them to join as full members. The MTA believes that the Supreme Court will vote this Fall on a case that will eliminate a mandated agency fee option. Marlene will send out email that was sent out last year to agency fee payers and non-payers. It was agreed that Ex Com members will email Lorenzo by the end of the week with the names of people on the list who they intend to talk with (Linda will talk with those on list in CNHS, Sofya with those in Sociology, Askold, John, and Peggy with those in English.  Karen will contact the full-time people in Psych; Tina the librarians; Marlene and John volunteered for certain individuals). Everyone else except Ursula will contact the rest (with the volunteer from sociology). 


  1. Bylaws revisions- [MARLENE DISTRIBUTES PROPOSED BYLAWS CHANGES]. Ursula: Article 2, Section 4, H: ‘liasions’ spelled incorrectly. Should be ‘liase’. John: Article 5, Section 2- should be ‘annual meeting of General Assembly’.Ursula: Article 6, Section 10: 2 ‘to’s- get rid of of one of them. Article 6, Section 9: should be ‘and it’s membership shall be open to….’. Article 4: get rid of open quotation mark. Article, Section 4, A: should be ‘preparing the agenda for these meetings…’- get rid of monthly. Article 2, Section 9: Re Treasurer- change to ‘can’ to ‘shall’. Marlene: Article 3, Section 2 we already agree to change. Ursula: Article 3, Section 2- get rid of ‘also’.  Article 6, Section 2- would add ‘by a vote of the Ex Com upon the recommendation of the President’. Motion is made to approve proposed suggested bylaws changes as amended above. Motion is seconded. Motion to approve proposed suggested bylaws changes as amended above passes (2 abstentions). There was discussion of issue of deadline for submitting requested Ex Com agenda items to President. It was noted that bylaws don’t specify a deadline. There was also discussion of issue in Article 5, Section 2 regarding quorum needed to call a General Assembly meeting of members (unclear what said quorum is intended to be). Andres will draft a possible change to these elements of FSU bylaws and submit to Ex Com at a later date for review.
  2.  Bargaining:  We discussed the proposals given and responses to these.  There was a detailed discussion of the Article 15 proposal.  There was also a discussion of the bargaining process and bargaining support committee, and communication to members.