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Faculty of Color Report (forwarded by FSU Executive Committee)



We are writing to follow up on May 8th’s email, concerning the faculty of color report. We have obtained permission from those who worked on the report to share the attached report with you in full. We encourage you to read the report if you have not already done so, given the importance of the issues highlighted in it.

As context, this report was not produced by an FSU committee, although the input was solicited by the FSU, and two members of the executive committee (Steve Striffler and Tim Sieber) solicited the input of faculty of color, 40 of whom contributed input and/or endorsed the report.

We are not able to share the names of the faculty of color who contributed and/or endorsed the report, but we thank them for their participation and/or endorsement, as they raised concerns and brought forth potential solutions or actions to be taken by the Executive Committee.

We urge FSU members to read the report, and please continue to engage with us as we step up our efforts to address the concerns of faculty of color at UMass Boston.


The Executive Committee of the FSU

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