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December 8 2022_Ex Com E-Vote- Elections Schedule, Health And Safety Committee


E-vote on Spring 2023 Elections Schedule and appointment of Jill McDonough to Health & Safety Committee. Vote passes (9 in favor).

From: Caroline Coscia <>

Sent: Thursday, December 8, 2022 7:45 PM

To: Jeffrey Melnick <>; Sana Haroon <>; Brian White <>; Meghan E Kallman <>; Chris A Barcelos <>; Monique Fuguet <>; Dana Commesso <>; Lynne B Benson <>; Linda Ai-Yun Liu <>; Jessica R Holden <>

Cc: Faculty Staff Union <>

Subject: Elections Announcement

Dear Executive Committee members,

Our last meeting agenda has some discussion items, so I am suggesting we do two (2) electronic votes to free up some time.

FSU Annual Elections 

We need to inform members of our upcoming elections. The Elections Committee met and is proposing the attached elections schedule.  If we vote to adopt this schedule, we can use Monday's Nuts & Bolts to inform members. 

If this is agreeable, we need a motion and a second followed by your vote.

Health & Safety Committee

We did discus this a couple of meetings ago. It seemed that we are in consensus with approving Jill McDonough to represent the FSU on the Health & Safety Committee.   

Are you willing to take this vote electonicaly?  

Caroline L. Coscia

Faculty Staff Union (FSU) President 2022-2024

Senior Lecturer II, Political Science Department

University of Massachusetts Boston