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August 28, 2020

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

August 28, 2020 (via zoom)

Ex Com Members Present: Steve Striffler; Jessica Holden; Travis Johnston; Caroline Coscia; Jeff Melnick; Monique Fuguet; Tracy Brown; Joe Ramsey; Linda Liu; Tim Sieber; Jose Martinez-Reyes

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator; Katie D’Urso, MTA Field Rep;

  1. Approval of the agenda: Motion to approve. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.
  2. Approval of the minutes (contact FSU office for copy of all approved minutes): Motion to approve 8/14/20 Ex Com minutes. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

Motion to approve executive session. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.


  1. Grievance Update:
  2. Arbitration Vote:

Motion to recommend arbitration to the Joint Coordinating Committee. Motion to discuss issues in member’s department at later date. Motions seconded. Motions pass unanimously.

Motion to approve the end of executive session. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.


   5.  Maria Mellone: Discussion of issues related to her non-reappointment for Fall 20.

  6. Organizing/Outreach Plan: Steve: suggest each Ex Com member do outreach to 5 or so members in CM and CNHS. I will contact department chairs next week re setting up department visits. Me, Caroline, and Lorenzo can handle outreach to new TT and NTT hires.

General agreement to proceed with this plan.

   7.  FSU Fall Forums: Discussion of idea of monthly or semi-regular FSU forums (topics may include: NTT inclusion issues, department governance issues, course selection practices, health and safety, junior faculty presentation on research that is relevant to current times, NTT promotion workshops). Agreed that Caroline, Steve, and Lorenzo will come up with a general plan for next meeting on forum ideas.

   8.  NTT – non-reappointments: Discussion of issues. Noted that there is a need to get formal approval from Admin for delay in NTT who would have been eligible for continuing appointment in Fall 20.  Lorenzo will put together names of AL’s who would have been eligible to convert to Lecturer in Fall 20 and will get list of names of Lecturers who would have been eligible for cont. appt. in Fall 20.

   9.  Bargaining and Labor-Management Update/Discussion

   10.  AQUAD issues: Steve: departments are being pushed into doing this and are pushing back on workload issues. DCU has formally requested delay on this.