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April 7, 2022

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2022 (Zoom)

Executive Committee Members Present: Steve Striffler; Dana Commesso; Sana Haroon; Jessica Holden; Monique Fuguet; Meghan Kallman; Linda Liu; José Martinez-Reyes; Jeff Melnick; Tim Sieber

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli (FSU Senior Staff Member); Katie D’Urso (MTA Field Rep); Daria Boeninger; Jonathan Chu; Janna Kellinger; Kibibi Mack-Shelton; Suzanne Morris; Joe Ramsey; Amy Todd; Brian White (elected FSU Ex Comm member); David (last name?)

  1. Approve Minutes and Agenda: Motion to approve the minutes of the March 24 Executive Committee meeting, the minutes of the e-vote on the FSU Vice Presidential election, and the minutes of the e-vote on the FSU’s endorsement of the letter to the Chancellor regarding the removal of the university’s mask mandate. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously. Motion to approve agenda with Steve’s amendments. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

  2. HELU (Higher Education Labor United): Joe Ramsey provides update on HELU. The group formed coming out of nationwide conference last summer. It has been endorsed by 133 higher ed labor locals and student and campus organizations across the country. HELU represents 550,000 higher ed workers and includes locals from 8 national unions. NEA supports HELU. HELU looking for endorsement of this form and financial contributions from locals. Ex Comm will vote to endorse at the April 28 meeting.

  3. Mask Mandate and Ventilation: Administration lifted the mask mandate despite opposition from unions. The university is looking into improving the campus’s HVAC system. The first floor in Wheatley now has portable air purifiers; faculty can request additional purifiers. Discussion taking place through the all-union health and safety committee.

  4. RIS and Online Courses: FSU successfully bargained for an RIS for all junior faculty. Current junior faculty will be “held harmless” (won’t have to pay courses back). Discussion of Article 35, online courses, and remote courses.

  5. AFR: Tim: Update on community engagement support efforts within the sphere of governance, including trying to revise the AFR to include Carnegie classification regarding community engagement. Hoping to make these changes by this summer.

  6. MTA Delegates: We have 14 slots for delegates and have received 8 volunteers.

  7. Paid Officer Stipends: Discussion of approving FSU 2022 paid stipends: Paul Dyson, NTT grievance officer: $4,000; Heidi Stanish, TT grievance officer: $4,000; Caroline Coscia, FSU President: $2,500; Vice President: $2,500. This was part of FSU’s budget recommendation. Motion to approve stipends. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

  8. Collective Bargaining Agreement: DID NOT DISCUSS

  9. FSU End-of-Year Party: Ex Comm will discuss via email.

  10. MOU Committees: DID NOT DISCUSS

  11. OER/Low-Cost Program: DID NOT DISCUSS

    Motion to move into Executive Session. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.