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Contract Agreement

We will be receiving our retro pay!

Dear Colleagues: 

It is my greatest pleasure to inform you that we will receive our retroactive salary increases back to July 1, 2014.  Recall that we finally received our cost of living increases on May 3, 2015, but these were supposed to begin on July 1, 2014.  We received our merit pay in June 2015 (back to May 3), but merit pay was supposed to be awarded back to the first paycheck in January, 2015.  We are now scheduled to receive back pay for both of these raises by the end of October of this year.  We will keep you informed.  

UPDATE: Implementation of New NTT Faculty Language Re Provost's Office Letter

To all Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members:

Please see the following email sent from the FSU to Emily McDermott of the Provosts Office in regards to recent letters sent to NTT concerning the conversion to the new contract language. You will note that the email below also contains advice from the FSU to NTT members on how to respond to the letters you have received. In addition, please note the last paragraph- once we have received the comprehensive data from Admin on all NTT conversions we will analyze the information and contact members with further advice and information.

UPDATE: Implementation of New Non Tenure Track Faculty Language

To all Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members:

End of year news including your raises and merit

Our raises:  You should have received your cost of living raise back to May 3rd, 2015 in your last paycheck.  You will receive your merit pay hopefully in your June 19th paycheck back to May 3rd.  The university is still working on these.  We are still trying to get your full (instead of only 2 month) raises for this year. 

Caution: Censored Content

When the FSU and the other UMass Boston unions wanted to play a video message to graduates at Commencement, the Administration rejected our video. Apparently, our message was a little too subversive for them. So just what was the inappropriate message that the Administration didn't want graduates to hear? See below to find out.



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