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Summer Parking Passes


Dear Colleague,

As the semester is coming to a rapid end so does your Spring parking semester pass, which is valid from  January 15th to May 31st.

For those teaching Summer Session I and only if you purchased a Spring 2019 semester pass, you can purchase a Summer Session I pass for $70.00.  If you are teaching Summer Session 2 and will be purchasing a Fall 2019 semester pass, then you may purchase your Summer Session 2 pass for $70.

The Parking Agreement language is as follows:

2. e.  Members of the bargaining unit who purchase a semester pass pursuant the paragraph (a) and (b) may purchase one non-transferable pass through pre-tax payroll deduction for the adjacent summer session (session 1 or 2) for $70.  The pass will permit parking at any time at all on-campus parking facilities during the session for which it is purchased.

The full Parking Agreement can be found at

To purchase your parking pass go to the Parking & Transportation Office, 2nd floor Quinn building (the office with the bank teller windows).


Marlene Kim

FSU President

Professor, Economics

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