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September 27, 2018

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2018

Members Present: Marlene Kim; Peggy Walsh; Jeff Melnick; Steve Striffler; Monique Fuguet; John Hess; Jason Rodriquez, Tim Sieber; Emilio Sauri, Jessica Holden; Joe Ramsey

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator; Caroline Coscia, FSU Parliamentarian/FSU NT Grievance Officer; Jeff Keisler, FSU TT Grievance Officer


  1. Approval of the agenda: Motion to approve agenda. Motion approved. Motion approved.
  2. Approval of the minutes: Motion to approve 9/5/18 Ex Com minutes. Motion seconded. Motion approved.
  3. Approval of some FSU committee members: Motion to add Emilio Sauri and Jessica Holden to the FSU Communications Committee (Tina Mullins and Marlene Kim are already on this committee).  Motion seconded. Motion passes. Motion to appoint Andrew Perumal to Academic Technology Committee for the fall 2018 semester and either Andrew Perumal or Peter Taylor for the spring 2019 semester. Motion seconded. Motion passes. Motion to appoint Chris Bobel, Shoshanna Ehrlich, and Tim Sieber to Sexual Harassment/ODEI/Title IX bargaining committee (MOU 6 of contract). Motion seconded. Motion passes. Motion to appoint Sofya Aptekar, Sarah Mayorga-Gallo, Joe Brown, Jason Rodriquez to Research Intensive Semester bargaining committee (MOU 8 of contract). Motion seconded. Motion passes. Motion to add Marlene Kim to FSU parking action subcommittee. Motion seconded. Motion passes.


     4. Bargaining update and thoughts/input: Motion to go into executive session. Motion seconded. Motion does not pass.


Motion to go into executive session. Motion seconded. Motion passes.




    5. Email votes policy redux: Motion to approve amended policy (see below). Motion seconded. Motion passes.

    6.  Agenda items process: Discussion of how having a call for agenda items two weeks before an ex com meeting and agenda sent out a week before the ex com meeting doesn’t make sense this semester           given that the ex com is meeting every two weeks and everyone sends things after these deadlines anyway.  Agreed to ask for items a week before the ex com meets and for the agenda to be sent out             2-3 days before the ex com meeting.  We will be flexible in the dates for the call for items and when the agenda gets sent out.  The more frequent meetings makes the timeline discussed over a year               ago difficult to maintain.

     7. Communications Director: Motion to approve proposal as presented (see below). Motion seconded. Motion passes. Motion to approve Jeff Melnick as FSU Communications Director. Motion                        seconded. Motion passes.

     8. Grievance officers as ex officio ex com members: Motion to have FSU grievance officers and the FSU parliamentarian serve as ex officio members of the Ex Com without voting rights. Motion                     seconded. Motion pases.

     9. FSU Budget meeting on Oct 3: Discussion of possible items for meeting.

     10. All In: Brief update of status of campaign given by John Hess; discussion to contact those you are assigned and report back the outcomes of these.


Policy on FSU Executive Committee E-votes (Revised Sept 2018)

The FSU Executive Committee permits e-voting according to the policy outlined below:

1) When a motion is made to call an e-vote, the motion must be seconded.

2) If the motion is seconded, the FSU Communications Director will initiate a 24-hour discussion period by email with the subject line that begins: “EX COM Evote Discussion”. During discussion, if three or more Executive Committee members say the motion requires in-person discussion and vote rather than online discussion and e-vote, the motion is tabled until the next meeting of the Executive Committee.

3) When the 24-hour discussion period has concluded, the FSU Communications Director will email a link to a Doodle poll to the Executive Committee with the subject line that begins with “EX COM Evote”. The Doodle poll must include the exact language of the motion.

4) The Doodle poll will stay open for 48 hours to give all members the opportunity to vote. When the outcome has been determined or the poll closes, whichever comes first, the FSU Executive Committee and/or the membership coordinator can take action to implement the motion without delay.

Note: Any committee member can opt into a text message notification about evotes by communicating this request to the Communications Director.

Note: In the absence of a Communications Director, the Executive Committee member who seconded the motion will facilitate the evote

This is to propose the creation of an inward- and outward- focused position of Communications Director for the ExComm of the FSU.  Responding to a widely-felt need for the ExComm to be swifter and more agile in matters of communication, this position will be filled by a member of the ExComm whose name is put in nomination by a colleague or who self-nominates and then receives a simple majority during a vote.  Responsibilities will include (but not be limited to) organizing and circulating public statements, sending blast emails to the membership through the FSU UMB account, coordinating release of information to the ExComm, membership, larger campus community, and surrounding community.  These communications will supplement, rather than replace, regular updates from the FSU leadership and membership coordinator.  The CD will operate independently, but in regular consultation with FSU President, Vice President, FSU membership coordinator, and MTA advisors. 

Jeffrey Melnick

Graduate Program Director

American Studies Department

University of Massachusetts Boston