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Parking fee agreement, FAQ


Parking Tentative Agreement

The FSU Bargaining Team has now sent all unit members the parking tentative agreement reached with the administration along with a summary of that agreement; conducted two all-member meetings to present a power-point presentation that provides further details of the agreement; and facilitated open discussion to address member questions.  In addition, the Bargaining Team presented the agreement to the FSU Executive Committee to seek their independent recommendation to the membership.  The FSU Elections Committee forwarded all members details of the agreement with an explanation about the upcoming ratification process.  Through all of these activities members have raised numerous questions that we believe are important to clarify for all members prior to the open voting period which commences this Friday December 7th.  Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact anyone of the bargaining team members


Question:  What process is the FSU engaging to ratify this tentative agreement?

Answer:  The FSU Bargaining Team is authorized to enter into a tentative agreement with the administration.  The tentative agreement was brought to the FSU Executive Committee for their recommendation for a yes or no vote to the membership.  While the FSU Bargaining Team supports the tentative agreement, the FSU Executive Committee decision was to abstain from any recommendation.  The voting is conducted by email through an electronic voting mechanism which is overseen by the FSU Elections Committee.

Question:  What does a Yes or No vote mean?

Answer:  A Yes vote means the parking tentative agreement will become fully effectuated and the new rates will be implemented in January 2019.  A No vote means the membership rejects the tentative agreement and the parties will be immediately engaged in a fact-finding process.

Question:  What is the effect of fact-finding?

Answer:  By agreement of the parties should the tentative agreement not be ratified the parties will enter fact-finding.  The fact-finder will review the positions of the parties and make a recommendation for a final agreement.  The parties then have an opportunity to reach a new agreement based upon the fact-finder’s report. If they do not reach mutual agreement the administration can implement their last best offer.

Question:  Information provided by the FSU indicates the administration’s last offer was both $550 and $600/semester on-campus parking fee.  Which is it?

Answer:  The administration’s last best offer, prior to entering into mediation, was $600/semester for on campus parking fee (see final offer, attached).  Once the parties entered into mediation the FSU Bargaining Team was successful at getting the administration proposal down to $550/semester on-campus parking fee (their last offer; see the MOA, attached).  As mentioned above, should the parties be unable to reach a mutual agreement after fact-finding then the administration can implement their last best offer – which is the $600/semester on-campus rate proposal made prior to entering into mediation.  The positions of the parties during mediation will not be considered as the last best offer – only the offers made by the parties prior to entering into mediation is considered as the last best offer. 

The FSU Parking Bargaining Team:

Steve Ackerman, Associate Professor, Honor’s College

Caroline Coscia, Senior Lecturer II, Political Science (please note that Caroline Coscia has recused herself from the bargaining team as she is a member of the FSU Elections Committee)

Mickey Gallagher, MTA Consultant

John Hess, Senior Lecturer II, American Studies/English- FSU Vice President

Heather LaPenn, MTA Consultant

Marlene Kim, Professor, Economics- FSU President

Steven Levine, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator

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