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Other FSU Committees and Offices

The FSU has a wide array of committees that are working diligently on behalf of its members to enhance work conditions, uphold rights guaranteed by the collective bargaining agreement, and address other matters of concern to our members. Some of these are standing committees mandated by the collective bargaining agreement, FSU bylaws, or FSU policies. Others are ad hoc committees tasked with addressing specific, time determined matters. A list of some of the most relevant committees are below (please contact us if you would like a full list of FSU committees past and present). If you have a particular interest in any of the committees’ work and/or are interested in serving as a member please let us know. Let us know as well if you would like the FSU to address other matters not covered by the committees listed below. This is your union and we welcome your feedback and involvement:

  • President – Caroline Coscia, Senior Lecturer II, Political Science
  • Vice President-Sana Haroon, Professor, History
  • Executive Committee- The Ex Com is the FSU’s governing body and is comprised of 13 members elected by the FSU membership. Feel free to contact your elected representatives, including the President or Vice President, for any questions or concerns you may have (see here for more info).
  • Treasurer- Monique Fuguet, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics
  • Clerk- Jessica Holden, Librarian III, Healey Library
  • Grievance Committee- Tasked with informing members of their contract rights, representing members and/or the FSU as a whole on formal or informal grievance matters. If you have any questions or concern about your rights under the contract or feel your rights are being violated, please let the FSU know (you can also see more information here).
  • Core Bargaining Team- The CBT is tasked with negotiating our collective bargaining agreements along with the membership of the FSU (see here for details on the FSU’s bargaining policy). We will be bargaining our successor contract in Spring 2023. Contact the CBT if you would like to participate in the bargaining process or if you would like to provide the CBT with any suggestions or comments.
  • Contract Action Team- The CAT is tasked with supporting the CBT in negotiations by activating and organizing members. They may also provide logistical support to the CBT via research, meeting planning, etc. Contact the FSU if you would like to get involved with the CAT.
  • Anti-Racism Committee- Tasked with addressing anti-racism and ethnic and racial diversity initiatives within the FSU as well as making recommendations to the university on the same issues.
  • Sexual Harassment Policy Committee- This committee has been charged with making recommendations on proposed changes to UMB’s sexual harassment policies (see MOU 6 of the contract).
  • Sick Leave Bank Committee- A labor-management committee tasked with approving additional paid sick leave time once members have used all their individual sick leave time (for more on sick leave, see Article 27.3.3 of the contract).
  • Salary Anomaly Committee- A labor-management committee tasked with reviewing anomalies for tenure track faculty and with approving money from an anomaly pool to rectify such anomalies (see Article 26.9 of the contract for more info).
  • Health and Safety Committee- Tasked with working with the other campus unions and with the administration on issues of concerns related to health and safety. Contact us with any questions or issues you would like to convey to the H and S Committee rep.
  • Elections Committee- Tasked with running elections for FSU offices as well as for FSU contract ratifications. Contact them directly ( if you are interested in serving.