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October 13, 2018

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2018

Members Present: Marlene Kim; Jeff Melnick; Steve Striffler; Monique Fuguet; John Hess, Tim Sieber; Emilio Sauri; Joe Ramsey; Joseph Brown

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator; Heather LaPenn, MTA; Jeff Keisler, FSU TT Grievance Officer; George Kelley, FSU member


  1. George Kelley: Discussion of issues related to his case.
  2. Introduction of Heather LaPenn: New MTA consultant to possibly replace Mickey Gallagher by end of 18-19 academic year.
  3. Meetings with Interim Chancellor Katherine Newman: Discussion of possible topics of discussion for meetings with Chancellor: Salesforce,


Bayside sale, travel registration requirements (discussion of issue if needed; right now addressing this at the labor management meetings), problem of the absence of merit pay in the contract.

    4. Approval of the agenda: Motion to approve agenda. Motion seconded. Motion approved.

     5. Approval of the minutes: Motion to approve the Ex Com minutes from 9/27/18. Motion seconded. Motion approved.

     6. Grievance Officer in labor management meetings: Motion to approve proposed policy (see below). Motion seconded. Motion approved.


    7. FSU Internal Organizing: Discussion of the nature of committee, how it will be constituted, etc. George Kelley volunteers to work on such a committee. Steve S says Edwardo Siqueira interested in committee. Steve S suggests that Lorenzo email Ex Com asking for volunteers. Ex Com members should also ask other FSU members to volunteer. One of the Ex Com members should be NTT.  Should have diversity by college (not just CLA), rank.  4 members total.



    8. Staffing FSU committees: Motion to approve Christine Salvucci and JoAnn Mulready-Shick to committee to review impact on salary from conversion to new Clinical Nursing Faculty language. Motion seconded. Motion approved. Motion to approve adding Souha Ballout, Antonio Raciti, Meghan Kallman to RIS bargaining committee. Motion seconded. Motion passes. Discussion of need for new TT grievance officer as Jeff K will be stepping down.

   9. FY18 FSU Uncollectable Agency Fee and Dues List: Motion to approve list. Motion to approve seconded. Motion passes.

  10. Budget process and timeline (see draft proposal below): Discussion of possible variations of proposal.

   11. Discussion of meeting with IFC about UMass Online. 


Motion: Move that a Grievance Officer be added as an official attendee of the Labor Management Committee.

Rationale: That items before the Labor Management Committee includes issues related to contractual issues.  Grievance Officers handle contractual issues and confidentially.  Attending these meetings will make officers aware of and able to be part of solutions.  In addition, codifying that Grievance Officers are official members of the Labor Management Committee ensures that members are aware of FSU operations as the union will live in perpetuity and the leadership will not..

This request is similar in context to your monthly meeting with the Chancellor in that the President and Vice President plus an Executive Committee attend.  This meeting is about open communications and sharing information.  Grievance Officers on the Labor Management Committee is also about sharing necessary and proper information.


In order to insure a transparent, engaged, and efficient budget process:

1) The FSU Executive Committee will develop and email a draft of the budget for the following year to members by March 10th.  [or some date]

2) The FSU will then collect comments, suggestions, and questions via email and at one budget meeting to be held by April 1st.

3) The final/proposed budget is then emailed to all members, along with an explanation of budget categories and changes from the previous year, at least one week prior to the Annual Meeting where the budget is voted on.