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October 13, 2017- Ex Com E-Vote: Approval of NTT Seat Special Election Timetable and Nomination Form

FSU EX COM E-VOTE 10/13/17

Ex Com was asked to vote on the following on 10/13/17 (NOTE: the nomination form referenced as an attachment below is at the end of this document). The FSU Executive Committee voted to approve the NTT Ex Com seat special election timetable and nomination form on 10/13/17. The votes were 7 in favor; 0 opposed; 5 members did not vote.

  1.  If you have not yet voted on having a special election to  fill the vacant ex com seat for an ntt member, please vote now.  (there is a separate email thread on this. 
  2. Please also vote on whether you vote for the timetable below and the nomination form (attached).  Note the short deadline and timetable, with announcing the position and having applications in all during next week. 

Rationale from elections committee:  The schedule was established to make sure that the NTT constituency has full representation as soon as possible. Executive Committee meetings  are scheduled for November 9th and December 7th.   Pushing the election beyond November 6th means the NTTs are not fully represented, and an additional member to assist in executive committee tasks,  until the last meeting of the semester. This is unacceptable as our largest constituency deserves a full number of committee members.



2017 Dates

Special Election and Nomination Announcement

  • Email to membership with special election announcement, schedule, and Nomination form


5 days

Oct. 16-Oct. 20

Slate of Candidates Distributed

  • Email to membership announcing those running for office.



Monday, Oct. 23



1 week

Oct. 23 – Oct. 29


1 week

9AM Oct. 30- 9 AM Nov. 6


Election Committee

  • Count the ballots

One day

3 PM Nov. 6 (Monday)


Election Results Announced


Tues Nov. 7



Fall 2017 NTT Special Election

Faculty Staff Union

Executive Committee Nomination Form

Faculty Staff Union


This is the official nomination form for the Fall 2017 NTT Representative Special Election.


NAME: ______________________________________________________


DEPARTMENT: _______________________________________________


TITLE:  _______________________________________________________


POSITION SEEKING:  _____________________________________________

  (For the job description, go to  )


Contact Information (for Committee use only)


Email: ____________________________________________     Telephone: _______________


Candidate Statement

A 150 word statement (maximum number of words) on why you are running for this position.   The statement will be distributed to all voting members. 


By signing this nomination form I agree that my candidate statement (maximum 150 words) will be distributed to all voting members exactly as written above.  I also agree to follow all election rules.


If I opt not to submit a candidate statement I acknowledge that no candidate statement will be accepted after submittal of this nomination form.


I hereby certify that the information provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.



_________________________________                                          ___________________

Signature:                                                                                                       Date:


Due no later than 5PM on Friday, October 20, 2017. Email the completed form as an attachment to . Include Nomination Form in the subject line. A confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours after submittal.