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October 13, 2017- Ex Com E-Vote: Approval of NTT Ex Com Seat Special Election

FSU EX COM E-VOTE 10/13/17

Ex Com was asked to vote on the following on 10/12/17. The FSU Executive Committee voted to approve the NTT Ex Com seat special election on 10/11/17. The votes were 8 in favor; 0 opposed; 4 members did not vote.

Dear members of the Executive Committee,

The bylaws amendment passed earlier today. I make a motion to hold a special election to fill the vacant NTT seat.

The elections committee has a timeline and nomination forms ready to go. We hope this email vote can proceed quickly so that NTT colleagues are adequately represented on the ExComm.



Sofya Aptekar

Assistant Professor of Sociology

University of Massachusetts Boston

Wheatley Hall 04-007


Author of The Road to Citizenship: What Naturalization Means for Immigrants and the United States with Rutgers University Press