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November 9, 2017

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, Thursday, November 9, 2017

Members Present: Marlene Kim; John Hess; Peggy Walsh; Sofya Aptekar; Steve Levine; Joe Ramsey; Steve Striffler; Askold Melynczuk; Tina Mullins;  Monique Fuguet

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator; Jeff Keisler, TT Grievance Officer; Mickey Gallagher, MTA Consultant; Caroline Coscia, NTT Grievance Office

  1. Approval of the agenda: Agenda amended to move bargaining update before elections (former was item #4 in original proposed agenda) and to a add recap of recent tenured fac FSU meeting.  Motion made to accept approval of amended agenda,. Motion seconded. Motion approved.
  2. Approval of the 10/27/17 Ex Com meeting minutes: Motion to approve minutes. Motion seconded. Motion approved.
  3. Bargaining update, feedback and discussion of issues and actions: Ex Com goes into executive session.


     Executive session ends.


    4. Elections Timetable for Spring 2018 (see below): Motion to approve timetable made. Motion seconded. Motion approved.

   5. Payment to clinical nurse bargaining team members: Treasurer recommends paying them $2K or $3K total from FSU budget now then revisit possibility of paying them additional money in Spring        depending on later assessment of budget. Motion made to pay $3K total ($1.5K to Pat Halon and $1.5K to JoAnn Mulready-Shick) and revise in the spring as suggested by the Treasurer. Motion seconded. Motion approved.

     6. 20 minute conversations each week: Discussion of phone calls, suggestions on length of calls.  Discussion that phone calls should be updates/information and to not make decisions. 

7. All In/Emerge:  Appeal to Ex Com to help identify members to do one on one conversations from report from first EMERGE Committee meeting. Noted that focus has shifted slightly from membership campaign to general outreach, relationship building. 


Tina agrees to do direct outreach to other librarians. Peggy agrees to do the same in her department.

    8. Report of FSU tenured faculty meeting: Ten or so faculty attended. Racial equity and workload issues were raised. Concern expressed about ODI’s effectiveness. Discussion about union’s inability to help       on some of these issues, and discussion about forming workgroups on these issues and getting people to lead these.

    9. Discussion of agenda and if members were reading reports.  


FSU Executive Committee Election Schedule for Spring 2018



2018 Dates

FSU Executive Committee

  • Inform those members whose term expires Spring 2018.



Friday, December 1st  

Election Announcement

  • Email to membership with Election Overview document 



December 4th to 8th  

Nomination Announcement[1]

  • Email to membership with election schedule and general election information.



January 12th to 22nd  

Nomination Period

  • The Nomination form is made available.
  • Email sent to all members no later than 9AM January 29th


Two weeks

Monday, January 29th   9AM EST  to


Friday, Feb 9th  5PM EST

Nominating Committee Review


One week

Monday, Feb 12th  EST to


Weds, Feb 14th EST


Slate of Candidates Distributed

  • Email to membership announcing those running for office.



Thursday, Feb 15th 9AM EST



Two Weeks

Thurs, Feb 15th 9AM EST to


Friday, March 2nd  9AM EST

Candidate Forum


Wednesday, February 28th  



One Week, include a weekend

Friday, March 2nd 9AM EST to


Friday, March 9th 9AM EST

Election Committee

  • Count the ballots

One day

Friday, March 9th between 9AM and 1PM EST


Election Results Announced


Friday, March 9th 1PM to 5PM EST


Note:  Classes begin January 22, 2018. Martin Luther King Day is Monday, January 15th. Presidents’ Day (university holiday) is Monday, Feb. 19.  Spring Break begins Sunday, March 11th


[1] The FSU may also include the election information when the welcome to the semester email is sent to members.