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November 15, 2019

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2019

Ex Com Members Present: Marlene Kim; Jessica Holden; Caroline Coscia; Jeff Melnick; Monique Fuguet; Joe Ramsey; Tracy Brown; Emilio Sauri; Tim Sieber; Meghan Kallman; Tim Sieber

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator

  1. Approval of the agenda:  Motion to amend agenda. Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously. Motion to approve agenda as amended. Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously.
  2. Approval of the minutes: Motion to approve 11/1/19 Ex Com meeting minutes. Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously.


    3. Jobs with Justice membership: Discussion of whether or not contribute funds to Jobs With Justice. Motion to approve payment of $250 to Jobs With Justice. Motion seconded. Motion                   approved unanimously.


    4. Nonmembers of FSU and surveys, ratification: Discussion of whether or not to have non-members be able to participate in the bargaining survey and contract ratification and whether to differentiate between responses of members and non-members. Motion to allow non-members to participate in 2020-23 main table bargaining survey and have MTA differentiate between members and non-members. Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously.  Discussion of whether or not to allow non-members to ratify the 2020-23 tentative agreement. Suggestion to send survey info to non-members later. Joe will send Ex Com suggestion to bargaining team. Motion to not allow non-members to ratify 2020-23 successor agreement. Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously.  

   5. Academic technology committee: Former FSU committee member Peter Taylor passed away. Joe Brown might be willing to replace him on committee. Motion to appoint Joseph Brown as rep to Academic Technology Committee if Joe is willing to serve. Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously.  Motion to donate $100 to Peter Taylor Scholarship Fund and include a card to the family. Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously.  Emilio will get card, bring to FSU office on Monday.

   6. Topics for the Chancellor/Mt. Ida: Discussion of possible items for next FSU-Chancellor meeting. Suggestion to ask re debt relief question and press Chancellor to ask President for debt relief. Suggestion to follow up with Chancellor re Navitas and Shorelight contracts. Discussion of issues related to possible gender discrimination in Shorelight contract. Suggestion to ask for Mt. Ida update. Discussion of Mt. Ida situation, need for organizing campaign. Discussion of whether or not to have an activity on this at next BOT meeting. Discussion of strategy of working on this issue via BOT activism or via legislators. Discussion of need/desire for an FSU subcommittee to work on Mt. Ida issue. Discussion of Bayside Expo Center and community development meetings (report from Tim Sieber). 

Jessica asked to include the library. The library is in crisis, severely understaffed as there are 11 librarians for 17,000 students and 900 faculty.  Libraries that serve the same size users have two to three times more professional librarians.  The librarians are unable to serve all the class requests received. Two librarians have eft and they have not been replaced.  The salary is not competitive.  The Dean has been interim for three years and the University Archivist has also been interim for three years.  There have been many e-subscriptions cancelled.

Joe asked to include UMass On-Line specifically what is the status of the venture.

Jeff asked to have the chancellor provide an update on Salesforce and their role in US border services.

    7. NTT meeting food costs/reimbursement:  Marlene reminded the coordinators of the Oct 25th NTT gathering to submit receipts for reimbursement. She said if these meetings are to have food then need to put in place a budget and submit the budget request for the next meeting.  Prior Executive Committees voted to stop meeting food for all meetings except the annual meeting.

    8. Bargaining survey: Meaghan would like to see the survey reflect faculty of color report in the Inclusive and Respectful Workplace section. Would like to see included advising both formal and informal, other informal and formal work, and teaching and mentoring loads equal by race and gender.

Jeff echoed that hidden labor not being recognized should be added.

Tim asked that the topic Inclusive and Respectful Workplace be changed to Inclusive, Fair and Respectful Workplace.

Joe Ramsey suggested changes to Progressive Raises under Salary ad Benefits.The current version says Progressive Raises (i.e., making an effort to raise salary ‘floors’ rather than ceilings). He said need to raise both floors and ceiling.Joe will work on language and send directly to the bargaining and support teams.

Tracy asked about 0% operating margin under Fiscal Health of the University.Caroline replied that Heike said the margin is currently 0% and will change to 2%.Marlene said she thought the margin was 2%.Someone suggested to remove the 0% and leave as Operating margin.

Jessica said that librarian issues fit into the already survey listed items.

Move that all Core Bargaining Representatives communications to the membership only requires the approval of the Core Bargaining Representatives prior to member distribution.The Core Bargaining Representatives will send the communication directly to the FSU’s Membership Coordinator for email distribution and/or website posting.

Motion made by Caroline.Seconded by Joe R

Motion passed unanimously.

     9. Budget cuts and UMB funding – update:   Marlene asked about ideas to get funding especially for debt relief for UMB.  The Promise Act for $1.5 billion passed. The Cherish Act is still pending. 

Meaghan said we need to be bold.We need to write a letter stating the need for funding and submit to the press.All agreed we need to do this. Meaghan will draft a letter.

Motion to adjourn. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.