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May 7, 2021

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2021 (via Zoom)

Executive Committee Members Present: Steve Striffler; Caroline Coscia; Tracy Brown; Dana Commesso; Monique Fuguet; Sana Haroon; Jessica Holden; Travis Johnston; Meghan Kallman; Linda Liu; José Martinez-Reyes; Jeff Melnick; Joe Ramsey; Tim Sieber

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli (FSU Membership Coordinator); Katie D’Urso (MTA rep); Chris Bobel (FSU member); Shoshanna Ehrlich (FSU member); Eduardo Siqueira (FSU member); Amy Todd (FSU member)

  1. Approval of the agenda and the minutes of the April 21 Executive Committee meeting and the April 28 Annual Meeting: Motion to approve the agenda and minutes. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

  2. Forums: Two upcoming FSU forums on the Future of the Healey Library and Fall Semester Opening.

  3. Bargaining Reminder: Bargaining next Wednesday 1:00-3:00. Will discuss Associate Lecturer category and distance learning.

  4. Independent Studies: Discussion of faculty being forced to teach too many independent studies and the need for compensation and CLRs. This might be an issue to bring to the bargaining table. Meghan will research this issue.

  5. First Year Seminars: Discussion of First Year Seminars and department consent requirements.

  6. Vaccines: Students are being required to be vaccinated for the fall semester. Faculty and staff are strongly recommended to be vaccinated but not yet required. Administration has not approached the FSU about this issue. Discussion of issues regarding potential vaccine requirement for faculty and staff. Motion: Steve will draft a statement to the Administration indicating that Ex Comm supports a vaccine requirement for faculty and librarians. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

  7. Travel and Research Funds: Discussion of streamlining application process for faculty and librarian travel and research funds.

  8. Departing and New Executive Committee Members: Thank you to Tracy Brown and Joe Ramsey for their service on the Executive Committee! Welcome to Dana Commesso and Lynne Byall Benson!

  9. International Faculty: Forum on May 11 sponsored by Center for Innovative Teaching on supporting international faculty, staff, and students. Discussion of creating more supportive structures for and FSU advocacy of international faculty.

  10. Summer Fun – Budget Planning: Ex Comm will form a group to examine the FSU budget and budgeting process. What line items can we change?

  11. Summer Fun – Retreat: Discussion of when during the summer to hold the retreat and whether to meet in person or virtually.

  12. Executive Committee Fall Meeting Times: Potential times are Thursday and Friday afternoons.

  13. FSU Records Transfer to the University Archives:

  14. Grievance Update: Lorenzo provides an update on FSU grievances.

  15. Reorganization Task Force: Discussion of task force.


Motion to adjourn. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.