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May 25, 2016- Ex Com E-Vote: Sponsoring SaveUMB Flyer, Approving Copy Costs


The FSU Ex Com was asked to vote on the following. The FSU Executive Committee voted to approve adding FSU logo to flyer, approved printing. The votes were 10 in favor; 0 opposed; 3 members did not vote.

As many of you know, the university has told the campus that there will be cuts of 22.3 million next year.  They have sent non-reappointment notices to NTTs on semester by semester appointments (we don’t know the exact amount). 


There has been organizing on campus as a result.  We are being asked whether we can put our logo on the attached flier.  The draft I saw was the first one here and I made some editorial changes on the second one.  I don’t know what the final version looks like. 


Let us know if you approve of putting our logo on this and if you vote to pay for a share of the cost of printing as well (the unions usually split the costs three ways).  One issue is that we were told not to use the term “lay-off” since these are really non-reappointments, but the term seems to be used in a fun way on the back where students are supposed to take selfies of themselves with this.  Please weigh in ASAP as this is going to the printer today (sorry we never got a final version of it—it is still being reworked). 


Marlene Kim

Faculty Staff Union President, and


Department of Economics

University of Massachusetts Boston

100 Morrissey Blvd.

Boston, MA  02125


Voice: 617/287-6954

Fax:     617/287-6976




3 Things YOU Can Do to Protest BIG CUTS

at UMass Boston: Increased Class Sizes, Tuition Increases, Faculty Cuts

Tuition Increase and Larger Class Sizes



Instruction Not Destruction.jpg










The day after classes ended this Spring, UMass Boston’s

Administration announced that they plan to increase

class sizes, raise tuition and send ‘notices of non-

renewal’ to hundreds of faculty to close a budget gap

of $20 - $30Million this coming year. 

pink slip 2.jpg

Most UMB students don’t yet know that some of their favorite professors have been handed ‘pink slips’ and they  may not be hired back to teach here in the Fall.

 These and other cuts will harm UMB students, making it even 









more challenging to succeed. Classes will be larger, courses needed to graduate will be harder to schedule, and upper-level courses offered less often. Student organizations and support budgets will shrink. And students will have to pay 4% more in tuition and fees: $600 more for in-state undergrads and $650 for in-state grad students.    










UMass Boston faculty, students and campus unions are organizing and need you to join with us.  There are many ways you can help even if you are busy.


  1. JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP—SAVE UMB.  Sign the petition that’s posted there and share it widely with students, grads, prospective students and allies.  Keep updated on organizing events.


  1. GET ON THE BUS WITH US TO THE TRUSTEE MEETING Wed. JUNE 15th; and/or JOIN US on Wed. JUNE 8th, 7:30am at One Beacon St., Boston to voice our concerns directly to the Board of Trustees, Pres. Meehan and Chancellor Motley. Sign up by email at or call 7-5119.


  1. COME TO AN ORGANIZING MEETING.  Dates posted on the SAVE UMB page.    





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