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May 2, 2108- FSU Annual Meeting



Wednesday, May 2, 2018, 12 noon, Wheatley, 2nd floor, Classroom 0198

  1. Introductions and Announcements:

Members of Executive Committee for AY 2019 (new members are in italics):

President:  Marlene Kim, Professor, Economics (re-elected)

VP: John Hess, Senior Lecturer, English

Tenured: Tim Sieber, Anthropology; Emilio Sauri, English; Jeff Melnick, American Studies (March 2018 special election); Steve Striffler, Labor Studies

Pre-Tenured: Joseph Brown, Political Science; Jason Rodriguez, Sociology

Non-Tenure Track: Peggy Walsh, English; Ellen Frank, Economics (re-elected); Monique Fuguet (re-elected), Mathematics; Joseph Ramsey, English

Librarian: Jessica Holden

  1. Approval of the Agenda:  Motion to amend agenda to add proposed policy page after the budget discussion (10 minutes; see motion below). Discussion that the other items such as the bargaining update, including parking bargaining and Mount Ida update, will not be covered.  Motion to amend agenda seconded, motion passes.

Motion to move update on Mt. Ida off the agenda, and send to unit by email. Friendly amendment offered to discuss at current meeting if there is time. Motion as amended passes.

  1. FSU Budget (Contact the FSU for a copy of the budget discussed)

FSU Treasurer Ellen Frank presents the FSU FY19 Budget.Discussion of this budget.

Motion to approve proposed FSU FY19 budget.  Motion to approve membership coordinator part of budget (including benefits).  Motion seconded, motion passed.  Friendly amendment to approve proposed FSU FY19 budget but with an additional $5,000 allocated to the Grievance Officer line, so that additional officers can be added, if needed.  Motion seconded, motion passed.  Motion made to have graduated  union dues by income level.  Motion amended so that the FY 2019 budget will reflect the revenue that would be generated by an across the board $36 increase in dues per member as proposed in the budget.  The bookkeeper and the FSU treasurer, however, will figure out a graduated scale as guided by the MTA sliding scale. Motion seconded.  Motion as amended passes.

After two or three failed attempts to close debate, the motion was made to approve the proposed FSU FY19 budget as amended.  Motion seconded, motion passed. 

Motion made to have another meeting on the FSU FY19 budget in September 2018 to re-examine the FSU FY19 budget and revise if needed.  Motion seconded.  Motion passes.

  1. Motion on FSU Policies (10 minutes)

Proposed motion made:

We move that the FSU create a Policy page on the website with relevant categories by July 1, 2018 and that all FSU Executive Committee adopted policies should henceforth be categorized and placed on the FSU website within ten (10) business days of the adoption of such new policy as well as distributed directly to all members via email.

Motion seconded. Friendly amendment made to change ‘within ten (10) business days’ to ‘within 2 months’. Friendly amendment accepted. Motion passes as amended