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May 12, 2014


Members Present: Catherine Lynde   Steven Levine   Heike Schotten   Kathy Kogan  Marlene Kim   Amy Todd   Tina Mullins   Meredith Hoy  Phil Chassler  Peggy Walsh   Linda Dumas
Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator   Jeff Keisler, FSU Grievance Officer Al Leisinger, FSU NTT Grievance Officer   Larry Kaye, FSU Contract Compliance Officer
Merit Pay- January 2014 merit pay has not yet been issued. Catherine reported that HR will be issuing merit in the 5/23/14 paychecks. Retro will be issued in the 6/6/14 paychecks.
Dept of Labor Relations Hearing re Chairs Organizing- Catherine reported that she wrote an affidavit in response to the University’s claims re chairs’ administrative responsibility. The affidavit will be sent to Ex Com members.
Bargaining Update
It was indicated that Admin will be calling a meeting of all campus unions to discuss economic parameters. UMA unions are scheduled to have a similar meeting first and will report to us what is said. There was discussion of Admin proposals on Article 8 (Academic Freedom). There was concern expressed about the proposed Admin language re ‘a statement of ethics and responsibility’ with some members worried that it could be used to attack members’ academic freedom. Others noted that the language as proposed would not be enforceable. Marlene requested that Ex Com members look at MSP and FSU language on PMYR and give input for a possible FSU proposal.
Report: MTA Annual Meeting, May 10-11
There was discussion of the MTA Presidential vote and the victory of Barbara Madeloni. It was agreed that the FSU will send a note of congratulations to B.Madeloni.
Grad Student Teaching and NTT’s
There was discussion of recent efforts by the FSU to inform Admin about Article 16, which prevents NTT from being displaced by grad students (there have been indications that NTT are losing sections to grad students as more Phd programs are coming on line).  It was reported that Larry Kaye met with the CM Dean, that Catherine Lynde reminded the Faculty Council re Article 16, and that outreach has occurred to the GPD in Sociology and to NTT members in GCE and CM. Larry Kaye will meet with the Dean of CLA, Catherine will look into whether or not pressure is being put on GPD’s to ignore Article 16 and about informing the President’s Office re the Provost’s stated refusal to abide by Article 16.  It was suggested that the FSU reach out to GEO reps as this process unfolds.
NTT Merit
There was discussion of issues over the NTT merit pool in Nursing (the large number of NTT in Nursing do not fill out AFR’s so the pool for those that do is larger than the pool for TT faculty).
Grievance Update
There was an update on recent settlements re DLR charges re multi-year contracts for Senior Lecturers, NTT being paid under the floor, priority lists, and delayed notification of eligibility to apply for Senior Lecturer.  Jeff Keisler will initiate a grievance over the failure of Admin to allocate salary anomaly adjustment monies.
Materials were sent by the ORP to members re the process for switching to SERS (the deadline is sometime in October). 
NTT Caucus Report
There will be an end of semester party on 5/14/14 for NTT (contact FSU officer for details).
New Business
Late Fees for Students-All reported that excessive late fees are being charged to students by UMB and he wondered if the FSU might be able to respond. It was noted that while this was not a union issue specifically it would be good for the FSU to take a stand on behalf of students. It was also noted that if students cannot enroll in classes because of unpaid late fees, that that might have an impact on course cancellations which effects NTT members. AL will get more info and report back to the Ex Com.