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May 11, 2016- FSU Annual Meeting, FY17 FSU Budget Vote


Members Present: Ursula Tafe Marlene Kim  Kathy Kogan    Sofya Aptekar   Heike Schotten     John Hess Joseph Brown  Bill Campbell  Monique Fuguet  Leila Farsakh  Ping-Ann Addo  Loan Dao Meghan Bailey Caroline Coscia  Emmett Schaefer  Deb Metzel  Steven Levine  Jessica Holden  Doreen Drury  Amy Todd  Ginny Karlis  Daria Boeninger  Susanna Gallor   Peggy Walsh   Andrea Leverentz   Larry Kaye   Harry Konstanidis  Kade Finoff  Karen Suyemoto  Xuan Peng  Al Leisinger   Adam Beresford  Sandy Howland  Linda Dumas


Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator


FSU FY17 Proposed Budget

There was discussion of the newsletter and whether or not can we get rid of it in order to save money or have it done on a volunteer basis. Comment was made that deciding to get rid of the newsletter editor would in reality mean not having a newsletter given the complications of creating one.


There was a question as to why there as only $5 proposed dues increase, rather than a $10 one. There was discussion of the proposed dues increase and the various budget possibilities discussed by the Executive Committee. Motion made to approve proposed FSU FY17 budget inclusive of $5 dues increase. Motion seconded.  Discussion ensues. Motion passes (2 opposed). FSU FY17 budget is approved.


JCC FY17 Proposed Budget

There was discussion of the proposed FY17 Joint Coordinating Committee budget. Marlene Kim noted that the JCC budget includes salary for our accountant as well as money allocated for arbitrations. Motion made to approve of the proposed FY17 JCC budget. Motion seconded. Motion passes. JCC FY17 budget is approved.