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March 23, 2016

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Members Present: Marlene Kim  John Hess  Andres Henao-Castro  Heike Schotten  Karen Suyemoto   Peggy Walsh  Kathy Kogan   Steve Levine  Ursula Tafe  Tina Mullins


Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator  Caroline Coscia, NTT Grievance Officer and member of FSU Elections Committee     Al Leisinger, NTT Grievance Officer.  Larry Kaye contract compliance officer (phone).  Robert Vodicka, Massachusetts Teacher Association     Mickey Gallagher, Massachusetts Teacher Association


A. Announcements

1.Department chairs update- Ballots for election were sent last Friday. FSU members have been talking with chairs to make sure they will vote.

2.2 2 survey- Marlene: will talk with CLA Dean David Terkla re survey results along with Ursula Tafe, John Hess . Motion to send survey results to Ex Com is made.  Motion seconded. Motion passes.

3.NTT Forum:  UMB Ballroom, Sunday April 17 10-2- NTT’s from UML,UMA, UMB, and possibly UMD will be there.

B. Business

  1. FSU Elections Spring 17- Caroline Coscia gave a report on the Spring 16 elections. She noted that most people voted just after getting a ballot or reminder; that it seems better to run the elections starting on a Friday and ending Friday before Spring break; she recommended that the candidate forum be scheduled no later than 10/15. Al Leisinger: the candidate forum was poorly attended.  Motion that members to the FSU Elections Committee be appointed in Fall 16 is made. Motion seconded. Motion approved.
  2. MTA dues resolution (see here for proposal #1, here proposal #2, and here proposal #3)- Ursula Tafe reported on the MTA Bylaws Committee review of her proposed amendment. She noted that the proposal was initially a single proposal but, per their suggestion, she agreed to separate it into 3 separate proposals. The MTA Bylaws Committee voted to endorse proposals 2 and 3 but not 1, citing concerns over possible negative impact in K-12. It was also reported that the MTA Board of directors voted to endorse 2 and 3 but not 1. There was discussion of the proposals. Motion made for the FSU Ex Com to endorse proposals 2 and 3. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.  Motion made for the FSU Ex Com to endorse proposal 1. Motion seconded. Motion passes (1 against, 2 abstain).
  3. Budget redux (see here for proposed FY17 FSU and proposed FY17 JCC budgets)- Discussion of the proposed FY17 FSU budget. Some of the grievance officers who are now currently receiving CLR’s will not be getting them next academic year. Some of the FSU’s requests to bank CLR’s for 16-17 for other officer positions may be rejected by Admin. It was noted that the FSU may need to pay for the costs of these CLR’s if Admin does not accept them (that could be upwards of $40K for 16-17). There was discussion of what to do re the grievance officer stipends (reduce them, eliminate positions, etc.). The proposed FY17 FSU budget cut non-bargaining expenses to $1K. There was discussion of the food budget and whether or not it should be reduced. Ursula Tafe, Caroline Coscia, and Marlene Kim will look at budget options.
  4. JCC/Bargaining update- Randy Phylis, President of MSP, sent a proposal re re-structuring JCC bylaws (Marlene has asked Caroline Coscia, Larry Kaye, Steven Levine, and Karen Suyemoto to help draft revised JCC bylaws). Mickey Gallagher noted that the primary focus should be how to deal with bargaining given the two chapters are a combined unit.


There was discussion of CAPS bargaining and how/whether it can go forward on the Boston campus only given the need for MSP to be involved in bargaining as well. FSU can begin campus-only bargaining re CAPS on a specific issue without involving MSP: issues related to the transition of CAPS into an official college.