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March 19, 2014- Ex Com e-vote, funding retirement party for Catherine Lynde

 FSU EX COM E-VOTE 3/19/14

The FSU Ex Com was sent the email below on March 14, 2014. The proposal was approved unanimously by 5/1/14 (8 votes in favor).
Hi Folks,
The Economics Department is proposing to have a retirement party for Catherine Lynde on campus in late April or May and wants to know if FSU would jointly sponsor it.  It would be between $100 and $200.  They are expecting 40-50 people.  They were thinking that different sectors of the campus can talk about her various contributions to the campus, including the Economics Department, FSU, and administration.  
Please let Lorenzo know if you vote yes or no to jointly sponsor this party.  If the yes vote carries, we can then discuss an amount to contribute among ourselves.