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Legal Services and Liability Coverage

NOTE: The following applies to dues paying members of the FSU/MTA/NEA only. If you have not enrolled in the union, you are not eligible for these benefits (contact the FSU office if you wish to become a full member).

Members are eligible for free legal services through the Massachusetts Teachers Association. These services are designed for legal matters that arise from workplace occurrences or issues (i.e. personal law suit against a member filed by a student) or for arbitration cases that involve matters of law (including but not limited to issues regarding termination, suspension, and non-reappointment). For more information, including the process for applying for legal services, go to the MTA website. Please note that standard 'contract' issues (i.e. contract violations) are dealt with through the grievance procedure (click here for more information).

In addition, members are eligible for free $1 million liability insurance coverage through the National Education Association. Such insurance is designed to provide liability coverage for employment related legal issues that may arise (i.e. personal law suit against a member filed by a student or imposition of a civil liability upon a member due to an educational employment activity). For more information, go to the NEA Benefits website.