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June 25, 2020- FSU General Assembly Meeting


[Contact FSU office for list of attendees]

Discussion of Admin proposal on expanded bargaining (see below) and whether or not to accept. Discussion of need for proper implementation of policy by FSU to ensure equity for member participation. Suggestion: people who want to come will be more likely to come if they have a vested interest in the topics being negotiated on particular sessions. CBT may consider targeting groups of FSU members depending on agenda for each bargaining session.  Suggestion: compile list of people likely to attend and have them list 1-3 key issues they are especially interested in. Suggestion: Find a way for expanded barg team members to chat amongst themselves during sessions. 

Discussion of need for bargaining support team to help organize bargaining session. Members interested should contact Steve.

Motion to make exception to FSU policy regarding expanded bargaining to accept Admin proposal. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

Discussion of Africana Studies restorative justice demands.

Discussion of UMass Online partnership with Brandman University.


Memorandum of Agreement

By and Between the University of Massachusetts, Boston (“UMB” or “Administration”) and the Faculty Staff Union (“FSU” or “Union) 

Whereas the Parties have an ongoing disagreement over expanded and/or open bargaining and in an effort to move forward with substantive bargaining, the Parties hereby agree as follows:

  1. This Agreement is non-precedent setting and is only applicable for the period during which the University is conducting business operations remotely.
  2. Up to 30 FSU bargaining unit members will be allowed to join the virtual meeting in addition to the current FSU team of 10.  These 30 members shall not have a speaking or otherwise participatory role during the negotiation session and shall not disrupt the session.  FSU agrees to ensure members attending are aware of agreed upon protocols.
  3. FSU agrees that the up to 30 persons referred to in paragraph 2 above shall be FSU bargaining unit members only.  FSU will send the names of the up to 30 bargaining unit members to attend at least 30 minutes prior to each virtual meeting.
  4. The Administration agrees that the up to 30 FSU bargaining unit members can change from meeting to meeting, consistent with the other provisions herein, provided they do not change once the list for a particular meeting has been sent.
  5. This Agreement shall not constitute precedent for any future negotiations between these Parties nor for any other bargaining units at the University.  This Agreement shall not be introduced in any forum except for enforcement of its terms or for the FSU membership review and approval process.

For the Administration,                                                                 For the FSU,