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February 11, 2016

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, Thursday, February 11, 2016

Members Present: Marlene Kim  John Hess  Andres Henao-Castro  Heike Schotten  (departure prior to item #9) Ursula Tafe   Doreen Drury   Peggy Walsh  Kathy Kogan   Tina Mullins  Loan Dao  Linda Dumas  Steve Levine (arrival after item 9, left before item 10)


Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator  Caroline Coscia, NTT Grievance Officer and members of FSU Elections Committee  Al Leisinger, NTT Grievance Officer   Monique Fuquet, Mathematics


A. Announcements

1.Department chairs update- The FSU received enough signed cards to certify a new chairs bargaining unit but UMB was going to contest the validity of the unit so the Department of Labor Relations says we have to conduct an election. The in person election will be 3/9/16, hopefully. We will need members to talk with chairs.

2.MTA Annual meeting May 13, 14- All elected MTA offices will have contested elections.  The FSU may need to have a delegate election due to the high number of nominees. Heike and Doreen may not run if there are enough FSU delegates.

3.Regional NTT/Adjunct meeting of MTA-  This event is not happening.

4.2 2 survey in progress-

  1. Early retirement- UMB will be making a proposal shortly that will likely involve a one time cash payment to members with 32 FTE years or more of service.

B. Business

  1. FSU elections forum proposal- Caroline: nomination deadline for FSU Ex Com elections are coming up. There are slots full for every position. Motion to approve proposed FSU Ex Com election candidate forum is made (see language below). Motion seconded.  Motion to approve proposed FSU Ex Com election candidate forum passes. It will take place Thursday, 2/25/16, 3-4.
  2. MTA Elections Forum for candidates Feb 23, 12-1:30- This forum has been organized by PSU. 2 out of 3 MTA Presidential candidates can make it (Tim Sullivan is a no). Motion to have FSU participate in this event is made. Motion seconded. Motion to participate in MTA elections forum passes ($100 for pizza from FSU included in vote).
  3. Membership recruitment/recommitment training Feb 19 3-5:30 pm union office- Discussion of Friedrichs’. It was noted that the case would end the agency fee provision, meaning unions could no longer collect the agency fee. It would also make paying anything  to union optional meaning union membership likely to decline. A membership drive to keep old members, get new members is essential. Discussion of importance of having a membership drive for the NTT Caucus, other rank and file groups.  Robert Vodika, Director Higher Ed at the MTA, will do trainings for FSU activists on how to retain/get members. We will send email to an activist list about this. The training will be in Wheatley, 5th floor, room 41. Robert Vodika recommends recommitment campaign.  Discussion of whether or not we should notify members of the pending case.  Discussion of whether or not training should focus on recommitment for current members or drive to get non-members. We should also keep doing department meetings to remind members of positives of union.
  4. NEA Annual Meeting July 2-7 in Washington DC: Al Leisinger volunteered to serve as delegate. Motion to have Al Leisinger serve as FSU delegate to NEA Representative Assembly is made. Motion to have Al Leisinger serve as FSU delegate to NEA Representative Assembly passes. We will advertise the meeting to activists. Motion made to notify FSU activists of NEA Representative Assembly is made.  Motion to notify FSU activists of NEA Representative Assembly passes. The FSU will need to determine budget for reimbursement to FSU delegates to NEA RA.
  5. Joint Coordinating Committee update- There was discussion of MSP-FSU relationship and issues with JCC.  Discussion of benefits of bargaining together.
  6. MTA dues proposal:  FSU endorsement. Motion to endorse proposed MTA bylaws amendments in regards to MTA dues rate is made (see here for text of proposal and for proposal rationale). Motion to endorse proposed MTA bylaws amendments in regards to MTA dues rate passes.

12.Promotional merit for Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator- Motion to approve a new salary for Lorenzo Nencioli of at least $60,000 and up to $62,500 if we can afford this. Motion to approve a new salary for Lorenzo Nencioli of either $60,000 or $62,500 depending on advice of FSU accountant passes.





To:                   FSU Executive Committee


From:              Caroline Coscia, Elections and Nominating Committee Chair


Subject:           FSU Candidates Forum


Date:               January 27, 2016



The election of members to the FSU Executive Committee includes a campaign period. This runs from Friday, February 19th to Friday, March 4th. 


The approved timeline included the option of the FSU sponsoring a candidate’s forum.  The purpose of a forum is to have voting members get engaged in the election through an opportunity to meet the candidate(s).


I write to ask if you wish to sponsor a candidate’s forum. 



Proposed Candidates Forum details

  •          Wednesday, February 24th or Thursday, February 25th.
    •    Need to select date asap to book space.
  •          In the afternoon possibly at 3PM for one hour.


  •          Format
    •    If contested races then format would have candidates at a table and provide a brief statement why running for office.  Questions from attendees will be taken.
    •    If no contested races then event would be more of a meet and greet where attendees can meet the candidates.


  •          Benefits to FSU
    •    Information can be on a table so that attendees can learn about FSU activities.



I look forward to your approval so that a space request can be submitted as soon as possible.



If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at





Caroline L. Coscia

University of Massachusetts Boston

Senior Lecturer, Political Science Department