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Ex Com E-Vote- Oct. 5, 2021- Spring 22 FSU Office Course Release Approval


E-vote on CLRs sent to Executive Committee members on October 5, 2021. CLRs approved. (10 in favor).

From: Steve Striffler <>

Sent: Tuesday, October 5, 2021 10:44 AM

To: Lynne B Benson <>; Tim Sieber <>; Caroline Coscia <>; Jose Martinez-Reyes <>; Katie D'Urso <kd'>; Linda Ai-Yun Liu <>; Monique Fuguet <>; Sana Haroon <>; Travis Johnston <>

Cc: Jeffrey Melnick <>; Jessica R Holden <>; Dana Commesso <>; Meghan E Kallman <>; Faculty Staff Union <>

Subject: FSU Ex-Comm - E-VOTE and Call for Agenda Items

Hi All,

Two quick things.

  1. E-VOTE – Unless there are objections (and feel free to insist that we talk about this in person), I’d like to ask for two EVOTES with respect to the assignment of CLRS – both decisions were, in a sense, already made…
  2. The first proposal is to assign the CLR that would have gone to Gillian M. on the grievance committee (which we did approve) to Heidi Stanish – who is replacing Gillian.  The GC selected Heidi.
  3. The second proposal is to assign the one remaining CLR to Chris Fung as FSU organizer for the Spring.   I think our intent was always for this position to be for one year – but we were holding off on formally assigning it until the Fall….because we don’t have to notify Admin until now.

The reason for doing this via email is twofold – we have to get these decisions to Admin fairly soon and….if there is a discussion on this we would need to go into Exec Session during the Ex-comm meeting….which seems a bit cumbersome and unnecessary give than the CLR for Gillian we already approved (and she is now being replaced) and I think the intention always was for Chris to do this for a year….

If this sounds okay, and again feel free to object, let’s do them as two votes – so YES/YES, YES/NO, NO/YES, or NO/NO…..

  1. Send agenda items!