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Course Release Eligibility for Full Time Senior Lecturer II’s

The FSU received indications from the Administration that they intend to grant the course release eligibility for full-time Senior Lecturer II’s only to those SLII’s who have full-time continuing appointments as opposed to those SLII’s who are currently full-time but whose continuing appointments are less than full-time (see Article 21.2.3.a of the contract). The Grievance Committee’s assessment is that the course release must be granted to all SLII’s who are currently full-time regardless of the percentage of time of the continuing appointment. FSU leadership notified the Administration of the Grievance Committee’s position and sought to engage Admin on informal discussions seeking resolution.  In the meantime, the GC filed a policy grievance on the matter (in essence, a grievance filed by the FSU rather than an individual member). The Administration and the FSU agreed to place the grievance in abeyance in order to continue informal discussions with the aim of resolving the grievance. The FSU and the Administration met once to discuss the matter. The Administration proposed that the matter be resolved in bargaining such that the general language around 21.2.3.a would be amended, hence providing a solution on a prospective basis. The FSU responded with a settlement offer that would (a) allow the parties to resolve the issue of the contract language in bargaining and (b) that would ensure that a number of effected members who have been full-time since Fall 16 but who do not have full-time continuing appointments would be granted a CLR per 21.2.3.a for 22-23 (to be applied in 23-24) and would be given full-time continuing appointments effective immediately. We will provide further updates upon receiving a response from the Administration.