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Associate Lecturer Conversion

A settlement offer was made from Admin. The grievant did not accept the settlement offer. The case was then withdrawn (see below for info from previous update).

From the 5/18/22 Grievance Update:

Associate Lecturer Conversion- An Associate Lecturer (AL) completed 4 consecutive semesters at 50% or more. The AL was not given work in the 5th consecutive semester but was reassigned in the 6th semester at 50%. However, they were reappointed as an AL and not as a Lecturer (Article 21.11 indicates that AL’s will be converted to Lecturer after 4 consecutive semesters at 50% or more). A grievance was filed asserting that the conversion should occur any time after the 4th consecutive semester at 50% or more even if the subsequent reappointment does not immediately follow the 4 consecutive semester period. A level II hearing (i.e. a hearing with the President’s Office) was held and a decision was rendered. The Administration denied the grievance, asserting that the contract language was intended to mean that the conversion to Lecturer can only occur as of the 5th consecutive semester. The FSU is currently seeking a settlement for the grievance.