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April 9, 2014


Members Present: Catherine Lynde   Heike Schotten   Marlene Kim   Amy Todd   Tina Mullins   Meredith Hoy

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator   Jeff Keisler, FSU Grievance Officer Al Leisinger, FSU NTT Grievance Officer  Ursula Tafe, NTT Ex Com Member Elect  Loan Dao, Pre-Tenure Ex Com Member Elect
Update on Merit Pay
January 2014 merit pay has not yet been issued. Catherine reported that she has contacted Admin (both Provost’s Office and HR) about the problem and they are working on it.
MTA Annual Meeting, May 10-11
15 FSU members have agreed to serve as delegates (the FSU is allotted 16 total). Any FSU member interested in serving as a delegate should contact the FSU office.  Lorenzo will send delegate credentials this week.
Proposed FY15 FSU Budget
There was discussion of the proposed budget. It was noted that the current iteration of the proposed budget includes a $5 dues increase despite the fact that no dues increase is being proposed.  There was a motion to recommend ratification of the proposed FY15 FSU budget to the FSU membership with the caveat that the budget would be re-written to exclude a $5 dues increase. The motion was seconded. The motion to recommend ratification of the proposed FY15 FSU budget, to be re-written without a $5 dues increase, was passed (5 in favor, 1 opposed).