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April 5, 2018

Members Present: Marlene Kim; Peggy Walsh; Jeff Melnick; Askold Melnyczuk; Jason Rodriquez; Steve Striffler; Joseph Ramsey; Ellen Frank; Monique Fuguet; John Hess; Sofya Aptekar; Tina Mullins

Others Present: Ursula Tafe; Lorenzo Nencioli, Membership Coordinator; Caroline Coscia, NTT Grievance Officer; Jeff Keisler, TT Grievance Officer; Emily Steelhammer, MSP Staff

  1. Approval of the agenda: Motion to approve agenda. Motion seconded. Motion passes.
  2. Approval of the minutes: Motion to approve Feb 18, 2018 Ex Com minutes. Motion seconded. Motion passes. Motion to approve March 1st, 2018 Ex Com minutes. Motion seconded. Motion passes (1 abstention for both).
  3. Sick Leave Bank Committee: Member Natalia Scarpetti interested in replacing former FSU member Deb Metzel. Motion to appoint Natalia Scarpetti as FSU representative to the Sick Leave Bank Committee. Motion seconded. Motion passes. LN will find out how much time is in Sick Leave Bank and if members automatically are enrolled to donate time to bank and can use it.
  4. All-In status update, MSP: Overview by Emily Steelhammer on their process and what they did.  They  don’t have a committee. Just staff and one of our VP’s working on this. Emily works with activists to speak to members. They spoke with 11% of unit.

Discussion of Janus and general agreement for the FSU to undertake this activity. MSP had members indicate on membership list who they would contact and return list.To be discussed next session.

   5.  FSU budget:  Discussion of budget. To be discussed next session.

   6. Centers and Institutes at UMB:


Discussion of what FSU can do to help them. Discussion of FSU to help center heads meet; send statement of support. Motion to form a committee to draft letter of support for centers/institutes for approval at next Ex Com meeting. Motion seconded. Motion passes. Joe R. Jeff M. will draft statement. Friendly amendment to allow Ex Com to approve vote by email. Friendly amendment passes.

      7. Consider adopting a formal policy regarding decision-making (voting) via email and conference calls: Caroline: latest issue of Robert’s Rules of Order has language on email voting on motions. That is          operative structure until/unless FSU makes a new policy. Discussion of issue of how quick email votes occur. Suggestion that threshold for approval for e-votes be higher (i.e. 75% rather than 50%+1),               having a timeframe for discussion, limit email votes, flag email votes, limit number of emails/have a time limit.  Discussion of possibility of having members of Ex Com be able to veto e-vote if they                 prefer in-person discussion. Decided that Ex Com should work on proposal, have something ready before end of semester. Discussion to be continued. 

FSU Annual Meeting- Motion to hold meeting 5/2/18, 12-11:30. Motion seconded. Motion passes.

      8. Bargaining update including parking: Motion to go into executive session. Motion seconded. Motion passes.

      9. Evaluate how we did the agenda and suggestions forward: We are not getting action items on the agenda, but mostly discussion items.