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April 25, 2016- Ex Com E-Vote, Co-Sponsoring May Day Event


The FSU Ex Com was asked to vote on the following. The FSU Executive Committee voted to co-co-sponsor the May Day rally. The votes were 10 in favor; 0 opposed; 3 members did not vote.

The organizing committee of the campus unions are asking whether our executive Board will endorse this event.  Please vote by email.




Hi all,


The cross union organizing committee is organizing a May Day rally/informational tabling on campus on May 2 and it would be great to have the formal support from each local.


This event was originally meant to build solidarity with janitors on campus who are involved in a contract battle but they have not gone public with their fight just yet. We have decided to move forward with an action where we will have tables outside the campus center on the campus plaza with information about the budget cuts and signs where people can write down how the budget cuts are affecting them and what kind of university they think we deserve. We also want to promote and mobilize people to the upcoming budget forum organized by the administration which has yet to be announced but it looks like it will likely take place after May 2. There will be a bullhorn for anyone on campus who wants to speak out too.


The state of the university meeting that took place a couple weeks ago shows us that people on campus are very concerned with the budget crisis and are looking for answers. This could be a great opportunity to for union members to get a better sense of what exactly people concerned about and if there is potentially to do further organizing around this issue.


Let me know if you are interested in getting on the bullhorn! We are building a speaker list.